Lunch at Golden Bay Restaurant

Last Sunday we tried out the newest Chinese restaurant in town. We heard the huge restaurant was built by investors from China to a tune of P350M.

This is the view from the back. From edsa turn left on Pres. Diosdado Macapagal highway and go towards S&R. Just before reaching S&R make a U-turn and you will immediately see the big green and white building below.

We went on the 1st day they opened. Talk about eager beavers.

The restaurant can seat a maximum of 2,500 people. The restaurant is split into 3 floors. The ground floor is made up of some function rooms and the main dining area. The second floor is the banquet hall and has 45 tables and can accomodate up to 200 tables. It’s perfect for big weddings. The third floor has more function rooms. Each room has it’s own lcd tv for videoke.

This was our room. The room where we stayed for 4 hours last Sunday. Yes it took us 4 hours to finish lunch. The kitchen was in chaos and it took a very long time for the food to come out. Sometimes up to half an hour in between courses. Thank goodness the food more than made up for the bad service.

The overall decor was made me feel like I was eating in China. There were a lot of prints and colors that shout ‘rich and expensive’ but not ‘chic and elegant’.

our set menu

We ordered some har kaw or shrimp dumplings for the kids. They immediately proclaimed the ones at Choi’s was better.

har kaw or shrimp dumplings

The food didn’t come out in the order written on the menu. It came out and we ate. Whatever came out we didn’t care. We were hungry. The soup was very, very flavorful. It was a great start so far.

shell meat & black chicken soup

The king prawns were tiny but very sweet and perfectly cooked. It was a simple and perfect dish. Just prawns, lots of garlic and some soy sauce.

steamed king prawns with garlic

The fish was perfectly cooked too! Nothing fancy here. Just the regular way of serving steamed lapu lapu with soy sauce, sesame oil and lots of green onions.

steamed lapu lapu

A whole dry scalloped embedded in the middle of a ring of raddish and topped with sauteed lettuce. Everyone loved this except me. The scallops got stuck in my teeth.

whole dried scallop ring

The appetizer finally makes an appearance. Some roast duck, roast pork, soy chicken, jelly fish and century eggs.

b.b.q. combination

steamed crab with egg white

Definitely not the best Peking duck. Go to Peking Garden for that.

peking duck

I don’t eat misua because I don’t like soft, mushy noodles. But these were firm and good. Or maybe I was just hungry from waiting for the food. But it really was good.

traditional Fookien misua

The remaining duck was transformed into a second dish. Chopped duck with minced bamboo shoot and other ingredients and served with lettuce cups and hoisin sauce.

minced duck meat w/ lettuce

Asides from the usual butchi for dessert, a sticky sweet potato mochi like dessert filled with yellow monggo was also served. I loved it so much.

2 varieties of Chinese pastry

sweet potato pastry

Overall the food was very promising. They gave us a 30% discount for opening day promo. We had to pay cash since their credit card terminals weren’t installed yet. It’s a good thing we had enough cash with us. I think this will be a popular wedding destination in the future. They have a big parking lot which was filled to capacity. When there’s a wedding the parking lot will surely be lacking.

Golden Bay Restaurant Menu
abalone & shark’s fin, soup,
chef’s recommendation
poultry, rice & noodles,
HK bbq & Chow Zhou “Lu Shui”
dim sum

Golden Bay Fresh Seafood Restaurant
Lots 3 & 4 Super Block A
Pres. Diosdado Macapagal Blvd.
Pasay City
telephone: 556-7525; 994-2959

23 thoughts on “Lunch at Golden Bay Restaurant

  1. We ate here last Wednesday for dinner. The food isn’t that great. I’ve had better at Choi’s. It’s hefty expensive, our dinner is around P38,000 including an P8,000 single malt.


  2. hey give the restaurant a chance its only their soft opening everything is in a\on trial and error stage dont judge it too early i also vist the place and there are still some constructions being made so why judge it too early maybe the one who post this is too naive


  3. Thanks so much for sharing this to us. I’m looking for the exact address and telephone number of this place on the internet but I can’t find one. You are the only one who helped me. Thanks so much! I’m so excited to taste their food! 🙂


  4. The food wasnt so great for the price….. you have to wait for almost an hour just to serve one food and waited again for almost an hour for another food… thou the ambiance is nice but i came there for the food and service which i did not get. My first visit will also be my last


  5. wow Nina that’s sad. I thought they would have improved service from the first day they opened. Try Choi for good and fast Chinese food. 


  6. WELL even me  im at their part to experience how hard a SERVER is this restaurant is my new leap to explore and study the different places inside this resaturant and to know the fundamentals of it well after im stared last week its too pressure at work but since i know every member of that restaurant 9employes) are very helpful and friendly) even our CAPTAINS they teaching me and also those servers since im willing to learned from them and the food is very nice and not as simple cook they hiring the cooks are came originally from CHINA ang HONGKONG huh^^


  7. believe me today thet restaurant’s service is now at edge you will never miss a thing for waiting too long now adays sometimes it can take some minutes because not most of them are what they call it “COLD CUTS” meanin after you order some of fresh menu like prawns and lapu lapu you will observe that on by the time you order ,it thats the time they would catch the lapu lapu in that aquarium you are posting to cook to simply inplies that the resaturant makes them sure that all their manus are stayed FRESH thats why you have to wait for some minutes to cook and serve you well so dont misjudge their service because i myself know what the restaurant’s process is^^


  8. it so sad that there are individuals who share destrcuctive criticism and uplift their own restaurant, i hope we should all be least on that note.


  9.  it was a good experience and memories that the golden bay restaurant.even in the short time staying in that company as a trainee waitress i enjoyed it and i learn to them especially to my  colleages who support me from the start,tnx to the captains who believe in my skills and also to the area manager even he turn me down i was thankful to him.i asure to the guest who wants to eat there the food is good and fresh all day..godbless to all and more power to the management..


  10. hi all, it seems like they changed their chefs…i visited their when it did their soft opening and food was okay. but after visiting again…the food is just terrific.  


  11. You must try Golden Bay, food are great the service is excellent the employees are very hispitable they even have karaoke on their vip rooms you can sing while waiting for the food and your guests..A very pleasant experience..^^


  12. I would like to visit the place but parking alone seems to be very frustrating. there is always a long line of vehicles entering the premises. It could be that there are many people going there and spend more than 2 hours to dine as a result of long waiting time for food to be served. I always end up to Gloria Maris that serves good chinese cuisine. There is also an option to go to the Legend Restaurant near Star City or at the Emperor’s inside MOA.


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