Taipei Day 1 – Shabu Shabu at Taimall, Taoyuan

shabu shabu
It’s been decades since any one of us have been to Taiwan. I used to go there a lot when I was young due to my dad’s business. All I remembered were the crazy drivers and thousands of motorcycles on the road.

Why did we decide to go to Taiwan? Was it to see the sights or go shopping? Nope. It’s all about the food baby! Everyone says Taiwan has the best tasting food specially in the small restaurants and night markets. With that in mind we set out for a food trip.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall
Chris and Rochelle with their mom
I have 3 cousins who are siblings that live in Taipei. Cousin Benji’s job happens to be renting out his van for tours or airport pick-ups. What luck!
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-1

Benjie picked us up from the airport and started our tour. From the airport he brought us to a nearby mall called Taimall Shopping Center. It lis the argest shopping center in Taoyuan area. (The airport was located in Taoyuan and is about an hour away from Taipei city.)
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-2

In the mall Rochelle’s mom immediately bought some of Taiwan’s famous oolong tea. The lady gave us samples to try.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-3

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-4

I almost ate in a vegetarian restaurant. gasp. I was willing to try it. Too bad some in our group didn’t want to eat there. The food did look interesting.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-5
vegetarian buffet
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-6

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-7

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-8

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-9

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-10

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-11

We ended up eating in the food court. Out of so many mouthwatering choices we decided to try the individual shabu shabu.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-12

It was a concept I’ve never seen before. Each person has their own pot with a burner underneath.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-13

It’s sad but I can’t read Chinese. I can only speak a tiny amount of Mandarin. In Taipei you will not go hungry if you can’t communicate. All you need to do is point. All the fast food places we went to had food displays like this. Aside from shabu shabu they had an assortment of bibimbap (Korean mixed rice). I recognized the stone pots.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-14

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-15

Benjie chose the bibimbap with squid and veggies. NT$130 or P186 or US$4
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-16

Chris and her mom had the beef bibimbap.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-17

Rochelle and I had the shabu shabu. She chose goat meat while I had the beef.


They poured water in our shabu shabu. Yes water and not stock.
shabu shabu

You place the meat on the center dry area that served as a grill. The juices from the meat slid down to the water as it cooked thus flavoring the water and veggies.
shabu shabu

It was quite good and healthy. The beef was marinated and very flavorful. It was very affordable too. An order of shabu shabu with a plate of beef and a pot full of veggies cost NT$148 or P212 or US$4.50.
shabu shabu

I was fascinated with the hi-tech shiny water dispenser. No ordinary water foutain here!
hi tech water dispenser

hi tech water dispenser

After lunch we took a walk around the mall. We went to the sports and recreation floor which had mini golf.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-25

The floors were painted like a running track. I bet people really use it for exercise.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-26

Taipei day 1 - Taimall-28

There was even a basketball court too.
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-27

Spinning anyone?
Taipei day 1 - Taimall-29

Call my cousin Benjie Young if you need a van to pick you up from the airport to bring you to your hotel or tour around Taipei. His van seats 7.

Benjie Young (Taipei City)
van rental/tour guide
telephone: +886988073435, +886939070314

No.112, Sec. 1, Nankan Rd.,
Lujhu Township, Taoyuan County

7 thoughts on “Taipei Day 1 – Shabu Shabu at Taimall, Taoyuan

  1. ay i would let my son daniel look at the pics he willbe very hapy to see your pics….esp paolo..but not the food he hehe… 


  2. Hi Leslie! I’m visiting Taipei on August; do you have the contact number of cousin Benjie’s van rental airport pick up? And do you know how much it is also? Would be a good option for airport pick up for us 🙂


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