We walk, we eat – Anchor and Hope

Anchor and Hope's angels on horseback

The 2nd restaurant on our “we walk, we eat” route was Anchor and Hope (C on the map below). 

Directions 3

This popular seafood restaurant just off 2nd street was packed when we went there. Since we didn’t have a reservation and were just there for 1 thing we gladly sat at the bar. The boys had beer while I had my usual water.
Anchor and Hope

Anchor and Hope-1

Anchor and Hope-2

Anchor and Hope-3

Anchor and Hope-4

Anchor and Hope-8

Anchor and Hope-5

Anchor and Hope-6

Anchor and Hope-7

I love their water bottle!
Anchor and Hope-9

They served epi bread from the very popular Acme Bread Company located at the Ferry Building. It would have been good if it was hot and crunchy. Instead it was cold and hard. I wonder if they will warm it up if I asked.
Acme Bread's plain epi
Acme Bread’s plain epi

While I was still in Manila Ariel already told me that he was bringing me to eat at Anchor and Hope. I studied the menu from their web site  and chose several things I wanted to try. Not one of them was oysters since I wasn’t that fond of them.

When we got to the restaurant Ariel insisted that I try the angels on horseback. The menu described it as “smoked bacon wrapped oyters, remoulade”. I trust his taste so that’s what we ordered.
Anchor and Hope's angels on horseback-1
angels on horseback $13

I took a bite and fell in love with these angels! The oysters were so, so creamy, smoky and earthy. I’ve never eaten oysters this good in my life.  I ate one oyster because I was already full. Next time I go back I’m eating all four of those babies.

This dish was one of the best things I ate on my 7 week trip in the USA.  To anyone going to San Francisco you must add this restaurant and this dish to your list of restaurants to eat at.

Thanks Ariel! That’s 2 out of 2 in your list. A bullseye! Click here for the next restaurant we went to.
Anchor and Hope's angels on horseback-2

Anchor and Hope
83 Minna Street
San Francisco, CA 94105
Telephone: (415) 501-9100

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