Lunch at Coastal Flats

Coastal Flats's Lobster Roll

I’m not much of a seafood eater. I like it enough but it’s not my first choice when I eat out. That’s ironic since seafood is affordable and bountiful in the Philippines. My favorite seafood is lobster but I hardly see it in the menus in Manila because it’s very expensive.

I was in Tysons Corner, an upscale mall in McLean, Virginia, with my cousin La. I was there to shop while she worked on her laptop. We met up for lunch at Coastal Flats, a restaurant which part of the Great American Restaurants chain which has several restaurants all over Virginia.
Coastal Flats

It was a popular place for people who worked in nearby offices.
Coastal Flats-1

Coastal Flats-2

Coastal Flats-3

I couldn’t resist trying the warm bread. The small brown bread was melt-in-your mouth good. I later found out those were fried donut holes without glaze. I wish I asked for more.
Coastal Flats-4

The last time I ate a lobster roll was in Maine many, many years ago. When I saw it on the menu I immediately knew I had to order it. The menu described it as: lobster salad from the meat of a 1 1/4 pound lobster on a grilled roll with fries & roasted corn on the cob… while it lasts
Coastal Flats's Lobster Roll
Lobster Roll $19.95

As you can see from the picture 1 1/4 pounds of lobster is a lot of lobster to stuff in a roll. $19.95 for all that sweet, succulent lobster in a light mayonnaise dressing was a great, great deal! This is my kind of seafood. The grilled corn was also yummy.
Coastal Flats's Lobster Roll

La ordered the grilled fish of the day served with creamy polenta and veggies. I tried it and it was good too but nowhere near as heavenly as my lobster roll.
grilled fish
Hickory Grilled Absolutely Fresh Fish

Coastal Flats

7860-L Tysons Corner Center
McLean, VA 22102
Telephone: (703) 356-1440

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