Dinner from Wegmans Supermarket

seafood sausage-2
It was another busy day for my cousin La. She had to ferry her kids from piano class to gymnastics to the dentist and many more. She didn’t have time to prepare dinner so before driving all around town she dropped me off at Wegmans supermarket and tasked me with buying our dinner.

Wegmans is a supermarket chain in the east coast. It’s my favorite supermarket. They had a huge prepared food section. From salad bars, Asian food buffet selections, soup bars, sandwiches, a full bakery, deli and many more.  I really, really had a hard time choosing what to feed 3 adults and 2 kids. Two hours went by so fast.

My first stop was the Mediterranean Olive Bar where they had all kinds of dips, spreads, olives and antipasto. You choose a container and fill it up with whatever you like and have it weighed and priced.

I chose this grilled mushroom antipasto to go with the baguette I bought from their bakery. Unfortunately we all found it too sour. I added some soy sauce and it tasted much better.
grilled mushroom antipasto
grilled mushroom antipasto

Wegmans had a selection of hot entrees and two sides of your choice for only $6 or $10. I chose the coconut crusted tilapia w/ fresh mango salsa. And for the sides I got the rosemary garlic roast potatoes and bread pudding. The fish was actually quite pleasant. I can’t say the same for the dry bread pudding.
coconut crusted tilapia w: mango salsa
coconut crusted tilapia w/ mango salsa $6

My best buy were the seafood sausages.
seafood sausage
seafood sausage
seafood sausage-1

We simply pan fried the sausages.
seafood sausage-2

I’ve never had seafood sausage before and these were so good albeit a bit too salty. I could taste the chunks of salmon, shrimp and herbs that delicately flavored the sausage. The next day La added the leftover sausages to pasta and said it tasted even better.
seafood sausage-3

For dessert I bought 2 packs of cookies for $5! That was a great deal for such yummy cookies.
chewy choco chip cookies
chewy choco chip cookies

These bite sized cookies were really chewy and had a rich chocolate flavor. Erin and La’s hubby loved them too. 
chewy choco chip cookies-1

peanut butter choco chip cookies
peanut butter choco chip cookies
peanut butter choco chip cookies-1

Wegmans is really a great place for busy people who don’t have time to cook. The only problem is deciding what to buy. Nutritional values for all the prepared foods are on their web site.

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