Have you tried Dirty potato chips?

Dirty Potato Chips
No, they’re not really dirty. Those are cracked pepper on the chips. Filipinos love junk food and one of the most loved is potato chips.

There are several local and imported brands of potato chips in the Philippines and they are all selling well. I think the market is big enough for even more brands potato chips.

My friend Blong is the new distributor of Dirty potato chips in the Philippines. She sent me a few bags to try them out.
Dirty Potato Chips-1

I tried all the flavors she sent. The salt and vinegar was not as sour as other brands. It had just a light hint of vinegar and a nice balance of sea salt.

The sour cream & onion was pretty mild too. It seems their flavors are on the mild side. The emphasis is on the taste of the potato chip which I really like.

In their web site they proclaim : At “Dirty’s” we don’t wash out the natural potato flavor, so our chips are crunchier and tastier.
Dirty Potato Chips-3

My favorite flavor was the cracked pepper & sea salt. The basic spices enhanced the potato flavor of the chip. The chips were very thick and crunchy just the way I like it.
Dirty Potato Chips-2

cracked pepper & sea salt potato chips
cracked pepper & sea salt potato chips

Dirty potato chips are now sold in Unimart, Landmark and other supermarkets in Manila. I took a picture of the chips in Unimart and they were selling the big bags for P128.50.
Dirty Potato Chips-5

8 thoughts on “Have you tried Dirty potato chips?

  1.  Che please send me a message with the name and exact location of your friend’s grocery through the contact me link on top of this page. I will forward your email to the distributor. 😀


  2. Thanks for this post!!  Been trying to look for Dirty Potato Chips for the longest time!!  Got them at SM Supermarket once more than a year ago but that was it, they never re-stocked and was never able to find them again.  Thanks, thanks!


  3. For the folks at “Dirty Potato Chips”, Yo Guys!, Have you been adding what seems to taste like about 50% more salt to your “Sea Salted” (Regular) flavor lately?? In my opinion, your runing what was originally a great product. I trust my taste buds implicetely, and I must tell you,they were much better the way they were. I hope you go back to making them the way they originally were. Easy on the sodium!


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