Dim Sum at Hak Ka Hut

vermicelli in wood bowl
I love dim sum. I think I can eat dim sum in Hong Kong everyday. I’ve eaten at Hak Ka Hut before and I loved their version of Hainanese chicken which they call baked chicken w/ savory sauce. It’s salted chicken and very, very flavorful. The vermicelli or bihon pictured above was quite dry but I liked the unique taste.

Last October we discovered they started offering dim sum at very reasonable prices.
Hak Ka Hut Dim Sum

Hak Ka Hut Dim Sum-1

The cold almond milk was free with the noodles I think. Why? I don’t know. I don’t ask if they give me free food.
almond milk
almond milk

The only dim sum not so great was the super greasy fried beancurd roll. After I blotted all the oil it was pretty decent.
fried beancurd roll
fried beancurd roll

These veggies were so yummy specially with all those fresh mushrooms. Perfect match!
veggies w/ fresh mushrooms
veggies w/ fresh mushrooms

I love bbq pork in traditional white siopao, in baked pastries and now inside a pineapple bun. They call it pineapple bun for the sweet crispy topping on the bun. It’s similar to kopi buns’ topping.
bbq pork pineapple bun
bbq pork pineapple bun

Why would anyone steam pork rinds? That’s sacrilegious! Pork rinds are meant to be oily and crunchy. Where’s the fun in eating them wet and soft? This dish boggles my taste sensibilities.
steamed pork rind w/ chicken & mushrooms
steamed pork rind w/ chicken & mushrooms

spinach dumplings
spinach dumplings

I don’t eat white rice. This isn’t white right? It’s brown, sticky, oily and so freakin’ good.
glutinous rice
glutinous rice

Imagine all of that food for only HK$100!
Hak Ka Hut Dim Sum-10

They had a promo if you finish eating before 12 noon which we did. For HK$17 you choose two types of dim sum.
Hak Ka Hut Dim Sum Menu

If you don’t read Chinese like me then you’re out of luck. I had to rely on others to order. I can’t wait to go back for more cheap and yummy dim sum! 

Hak Ka Hut Dim Sum Menu-1
Hak Ka Hut Dim Sum Menu (click to enlarge)
Hak Ka Hut Dim Sum Menu-2

Hak Ka Hut
3/F, Oterprise Square 26 Nathan Rd,
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
telephone: 2369 3822

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