Bingsoo at Le Matin De Paris

espresso bingsoo
After dinner at Honey Pig, Sharon said we were going to have bingsoo for dessert? Bing what? I couldn’t wait to find out what she was talking about.

When we got there I was surprised to see the name, Le Matin De Paris. It was a French bakery owned by Koreans. Matin de Paris-18

Matin de Paris

It looked like your regular coffee shop until you look at the menu board closely and see the words “Special Bingsoo.”
Matin de Paris-9

Matin de Paris-15

Matin de Paris-16

They had a wide array of French pastries, bread, cookies and cakes.
Matin de Paris-1
tuil cookies – almond, peanut, coconut, sesame

Matin de Paris-4
roll cakes in several flavors

Matin de Paris-3
home butter?

Matin de Paris-5
chestnut, walnut, apple & blueberry rolls

Matin de Paris-8

Korean pastries were also available.
Matin de Paris-11
chestnut or cheese manju, red or white bean doughnuts,
gusu cake

Matin de Paris-12
corn bread

Matin de Paris-14
whole wheat, black rice, black bean, butter & raisin breads

Matin de Paris-13
and lots of cakes

We ordered 3 kinds of bingsoo to share. Bingsoo is like a Korean sundae made with a base of shaved ice with rice cakes, cornflakes, fruit, red beans and topped with frozen yogurt or ice cream.

I’ve never seen this in Manila or Hong Kong. I hope we get it here soon. I’m sure it will be a big hit.

I loved the combination of flavors and textures. Crunchy cereal, chewy rice cake, finely shaved ice and ice cream. It’s like halo halo with a twist.
espresso bingsoo
espresso bingsoo $7.49
rice cakes, condensed milk, double espresso shot, coffee ice cream

I also liked the bingsoo topped with tart frozen yogurt. The contrast of tart yogurt with the sweet fillings was even better.
fruit bingsoo
fruit bingsoo $7.49
fresh fruit, tropical fruit, rice cake, condensed milk & frozen yogurt 

Paris's bingsoo
Paris’s bingsoo $7.99
fresh fruit, tropical fruit, rice cake, red beans, condensed milk & frozen yogurt

Next time I go back I’m definitely ordering the green tea bingsoo and buying the tuil cookies.

Le Matin de Paris
 7326-A Little River Turnpike
 Annandale, VA 22003
 telephone: (703) 914-0088

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