Lunch at Cerchio

grilled stuffed squid w/ squid ink rice
It was only fitting that I eat at Cerchio with Jane and Mila since I was with them too when I ate at Romulo Cafe, the sister restaurant of Cerchio.

While Romulo Cafe served Filipino food Cerchio was a mish mash of Filipino, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Ivy Almario did a wonderful job converting this house into a chic and modern restaurant.

The use of pvc pipes dipped in paint and stamped on charcoal colored walls was creative and fun.

More ‘pipe stamping’ on the exterior walls.

The 2nd floor looked like a cool lounge.


I loved the lighting behind fabric covered sliding doors. I bet this looked fabulous at night.

2nd floor

This must be a popular place for drinks at night.
patio dining
patio dining

function room
function room

Back on the ground floor is the infamous common bathroom. I didn’t encounter any guys when I used it. 😀
Cerchio's common bathroom
common bathroom
Cerchio's common bathroom

A wall made of pvc pipes was behind our table.
pvc pipes wall
pvc pipes wall

This simple wrap made with cold chicken, vegetables, mandarin orange and hoisin sauce was very refreshing. Perfect meal during a warm summer day.
Peking style chicken wrap
Peking style chicken tortilla wrap P225

I really liked the clear flavorful soup made with grilled chicken, squash, chorizo sausage and plantain bananas. The basil really amped up the flavor of the soup.
grilled chicken w/ chorizo & saba soup
grilled chicken w/ chorizo & saba soup P90

The baked crispy pata (pork leg) was surprisingly crisp although not as crispy at the fried version. But for a sinful dish with less guilt and cholesterol it was good enough for me not to miss the fried version. Yes the 3 of us finished this entire chunk of pork love.
baked crispy pata
baked crispy pata w/ 3 sauces P650

I didn’t like any of the 3 sauces that came with the crispy pata. One was too sweet, the other too spicy and the last too salty.
honey cilantro, oyster chili & crispy pata sauces
honey cilantro, oyster chili & crispy pata sauce

With so many fish dishes on the menu we took a chance with the crispy hito or catfish. It was a good decision. The fish fingers were so good they tasted like chicken. The signature sauce was yummy too. We actually used that sauce for our crispy pata too.
crispy catfish
crispy catfish w/ burong dalag & Cerchio’s signature sauce P280

My friend Rochelle texted me that I should order the grilled squid. She was right! The squid was perfectly cooked and tender. The rice was a bit dry but tasty.
grilled stuffed squid w/ squid ink rice
grilled stuffed squid w/ squid ink rice P350

I don’t even remember what this cake was called. Obviously it didn’t leave an impact.

We finished all the food save for two chicken wraps.  I’ve read other opinions on other blogs, some negative some positive. I guess it depends on what you order. We were lucky that everything we ordered was good.
us 3
me, Jane and Mila

Cerchio’s menu
appetizers, soup/salads/veggies/meat, seafood/pasta, new items, drinks

76 Scout Limbaga, Quezon City
telephone: 355-0998/351-5279

4 thoughts on “Lunch at Cerchio

  1. Everything looks delicious! Haven’t tried baked crispy pata because restos usually serve deep-fried crispy patas. Will definitely check this resto out, once I visit the metro. 🙂


  2. I like the food in cerchio except valet has an incompetent system they lost my car keys which they place in a cabinet by the door outside the resto. With no locks in the cabinet.


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