Lunch at Nahm Restaurant

Nahm-pan fried fillet of sole in yellow curry sauce
Last August I went back to Hong Kong alone to submit more requirements to the Hong Kong immigration. I had to go back to their offices three times and finally the kind immigration officer gave in to my request of for an extension of stay for another two years.( I’m a Hong Kong resident.)

I was so happy that I went to Elements Mall to celebrate with a meal. A non-diet meal! I chose to eat at Nahm a Vietnamese and Thai restaurant.
Nahm @ Elements Mall-1

Even on a weekday the restaurant was full and I had to wait in line for a few minutes.
Nahm @ Elements Mall-2

Nahm @ Elements Mall-3

Even though I knew I was going to break my diet I still chose food that was allowed in my diet and that meant no carbs. I had the set lunch that was very affordable at HK$88 and included a salad and a main course.

For my salad I chose the Vietnamese chicken salad made with cucumber, cabbage, peanuts, mint leaves and a light vinaigrette. It was absolutely delicious! And to think I used to hate cucumber and raw cabbage. This dish has totally changed my mind. I ended up taking this home since the main course was more than enough to fill me up. I had this for dinner. It wasn’t as crunchy but still very good.
Nahm-Vietnamese chicken salad
Vietnamese chicken salad

If I weren’t on a diet I would have finished all the rice. The sauce was heavenly. It was rich with coconut milk and just the right amount of curry and it wasn’t spicy at all. The sole fish was thick, meaty and tender. It could have passed for chicken. I was very, very happy with this cheat meal.
Nahm-pan fried fillet of sole in yellow curry sauce-2
pan fried fillet of sole in yellow curry sauce

The remains of my meal. I was so, so, so full.
Nahm set lunch-1
set lunch HK$88

I already paid my bill when I saw Vietnamese coffee on the other table. I immediately ordered one for myself.
Vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese coffee HK$38

I loved the strong coffee laced with sweet condensed milk. It was the perfect end to my meal. It was a good celebration.
Vietnamese coffee

Nahm's menu-1
set lunch menu (click to enlarge)

Nahm's menu
Nahm’s menu
Nahm's menu-2

Nahm, Vietnamese & Thai
Shop 1045, 1/F, Elements,
1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong
telephone: +852-2810-7575

On a side note:
My first Apple device was the 1st gen Nano.  Before that I tried all kinds of mp3 players not wanting to give in to the iPod. I just couldn’t ignore the fantastic form factor of the first Nano. My next Apple product was the iMac. My friend Deb finally convinced me to try the iMac. Since I was fed up with viruses and spyware  I gave in.

After that I was an Apple fanatic all the way.  An iPhone 3gs followed, then a Macbook Pro, then an iPad. Sold the Macbook pro and now I’m a happy owner of the ultra light Macbook Air. My iPhone is nearing the end of its life so I can’t wait to buy the iPhone 4s. Thank you Steve Jobs for all the wonderful devices you and your team have dreamed up. I can’t imagine my daily life without an Apple device. I’m sure your legacy will live on.

5 thoughts on “Lunch at Nahm Restaurant

  1. Hi Miss Leslie. I been following your blog lately since my husband and I are going for a food trip in Hong Kong later this month. Aside from Cantonese/Dimsum, we also wanna try other cuisines. I think we will also try Nahm Restaurant. Do you have a suggestion for a good Malaysian Restaurant? Thanks!


  2. Life has never been the same since 2001 when Apple came out with the Powerbook G4 all titanium body 😉   What a beauty! It took a while to get used to closing the windows on the left hand side but now its the best thing ever!  …. Hay, sayang talaga….sad.


  3. I have always wanted to try Nahm but I’m afraid that the food won’t be that good. Now that I know they’re okay, I will surely stop by next time I go home to Hong Kong. Congratulations on your extension btw! 🙂


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