Lunch at Cibo

insalata di manzo (salad w/ beef tenderloin)
It was a week day and Rochelle and I played hooky. Instead of working we went shopping at Rockwell Power Plant.

After a couple of hours of trying on clothes it was time for lunch. We walked around and looked for a restaurant where I can find my ‘diet’ food. We ended up at Cibo which is one of my favorite restaurants although I haven’t eaten there in years.
Cibo Rockwell

The interiors haven’t changed since this branch at Rockwell Power Plant opened. It looked quite dated already.
Cibo Rockwell

I really, really wanted to order their famous spinach and gorgonzola dip which is my all time favorite in Cibo but to avoid temptation and cheating Rochelle ordered the chicken liver pate. The paté was refrigerator cold but it was still good. The liver was smooth and very tasty. It was topped with an apple & pear sauce. It was a unique blend of sweet and salty. I ate some without bread which was ok with me.
paté di fegato (chicken liver paté)
paté di fegato (chicken liver paté) P248

Rochelle really had a hard time deciding what to order. She wanted to order our favorite Agnello Stuffato Panini (stewed lamb sandwich), pasta and pizza. I can feel her agony since I wanted to eat all those too. In the end she ordered the lamb chops.

She was initially worried that the lamb chops would be the small, skinny chops found in several restaurants in Manila. She was so happy that the lamb chops were fat and juicy. She said they were one of the best lamb chops she has ever eaten in Manila. Instead of rice pilaf she requested rosemary potatoes which were so delicious. I forgot to take a picture of her really white empty plate.
costollete d' agnello (grilled lamb chops)
costollete d’ agnello (grilled lamb chops) P420

There were quite a few options that were Cohen friendly but I ordered the healthiest and simplest meal which was a green salad topped with beef tenderloin. I asked the waiter the weight of the lettuce and beef and the large or family sized salad fit my requirements. For the dressing I asked for balsamic vinegar.

This salad looked just like what I eat at home but that’s where the similarity ends. The beef tenderloin was unbelievably yummy with a strong scent and flavor of rosemary. I truly enjoyed this simple and very satisfying meal.
insalata di manzo (salad w/ beef tenderloin)
insalata di manzo (salad w/ beef tenderloin) P473

I was very happy to have rediscovered an old favorite. They have definitely kept up their superior food quality. In a town where new restaurants pop up daily and close equally fast there is a reason that Cibo remains open and strong for all these years.
Lavazza coffee
Lavazza coffee P58

Cibo branches
Cibo’s branches (click to enlarge)

Cibo’s menu

G/F Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Dr. cor. Estrella St.
Makati City, Metro Manila Philippines
telephone: +632-898-0366

5 thoughts on “Lunch at Cibo

  1. I haven’t tried dining at Cibo yet, but I’ll make sure to drop at one of their branches soon. The lamb chops look delish! The salad with beef tenderloin doesn’t really look enticing, but i’m glad it tasted good 🙂


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