Dinner at Agave Mexican Cantina

nachos grande 395
Recently our HS classmate, Lily came home from California after many, many years. We met up with her for drinks and some Mexican chow at Agave Mexican Cantina at The Fort.

pic c/o Florence

The place was surprisingly full considering we arrived at 6:30 pm on a Friday night. The restaurant/bar had a good mix of locals and expats.
Agave restaurant, The Fort

Nachos is one of my favorite foods ever. I couldn’t resist eating more than a couple of chips and it was so delicious. There was just the right amount of each ingredient coating the crunchy tortilla chips.
nachos grande 395-1
nachos grande P395

I found the baby squid too sweet with the barbecue sauce overwhelming the delicate and tender squid.
baja baby squid 235
baja baby squid P235

The bottomless margarita was a good deal which some of my friends took advantage of.
bottomless margarita 295
bottomless margarita P295

corn and chorizo chowder 160
corn and chorizo chowder P160

The steak quesadilla was the most popular variant.
quesadillas 360
quesadillas P360

We ordered this huge platter with an assortment of their most popular treats. My favorite was the beef skewers which was so, so, tender and flavorful.
plato ultimo 1,765
plato ultimo P1,765

My dinner was this taco salad. The grande wasn’t really that big. I had the corn, guacamole, olives and black beans removed to fit my diet. Not bad at all.
Agave taco salad, grande 360
Agave taco salad, grande P360

beef tacos 250
beef tacos 250

They really cook beef well at Agave. We all ate the steak and chicken without the tortilla wrapper.
steak and chicken fajitas 450
steak and chicken fajitas 450

Agave turned into a bar midway to our dinner. The lights went down and the music became louder. Eventually we had to move to a coffee place since we couldn’t hear each other. The food was pretty good and the atmosphere was fun.
Lily in the middle

Agave Mexican Cantina
Building B3, Bonifacio High Street,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
telephone: 403-6003,  403-5865

6 thoughts on “Dinner at Agave Mexican Cantina

  1. My wife is from Mexico, and we went here. Have to say its not even close to real Mexican food. The only corn tortillas are the hard shells, and everything was generally either sweet or bland, not a lot of spice. I would recommend Orale, which is closeby, as the closest to real Mexican food in Manila I’ve found so far. Corn tortillas they make on site, the nacho chips (totopos) are made from corn tortillas, they have a great range of imported Mexican beers and drinks. A little too much garlic in some of the food but, in my opinion, much better than Agave.


  2. Thanks for the great review! Your photos are really excellent too!In response to Admira, At Agave we serve a blend of authentic and creative Mexican dishes, some of which also have a Filipino influence. We’re not strictly authentic Mexican but rather a creative blend of flavors that we hope you will love.We make our own homemade flour AND corn tortillas for our fajitas, enchiladas and tacos. You can see our homemade soft corn tortillas in the photo of the soft tacos above. The chips served at Orale are quite a bit thicker than ours and taste a bit different. Which you prefer is up to your personal taste I think. In Agave we serve all Mexican beers currently available here in the Philippines including Corona, Dos Equis Lager and Amber, Negro Modelo and Desperados Tequila beer. We also have a full selection of imported tequilas and of course bottomless margaritas!


  3. Crazy about Mexican food  why not try Jalapeno Restaurant in Tagaytay near Summit ridge Hotel   and enjoy the view and  cool breeze while having nachos and margarita . 


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