Where in the world is Leslie?

where am i?
Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I’m on a vacation and we’re preparing for our Thanksgiving party tonight.

I’ve posted same clues to where I am and where I’ve been. Some are obvious and will be easy to guess.
where am i?-1

I’ve gone coffee crazy this trip!
where am i?-2

where am i?1

I’m so happy I caught the tail end of fall weather. The colors of the trees were gorgeous.
where am i?-3

where am i?-4

where am i?2

This is just one of the new and interesting food I ate on this trip. Yes my diet is ruined but I still try my best to follow it. But when I eat out I try new food and diet the next day.
where am i?-5

These next pictures will be harder to guess.
where am i?-11

where am i?3

where am i?4

Obviously I’m in the USA where I will be spending my first Thanksgiving ever and I’m excited to eat turkey with all the trimmings. I just hope I won’t gain too much weight with all the delicious food. Can you guess the places in the pictures? Extra points for identifying the food. I’m so excited to post all the new restaurants I’ve eaten at.

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