Merienda at Sunburst Fried Chicken

I was so hungry since I didn’t eat anything at the lounge in the airport. It was already 5:00 pm and we wanted something near and fast  so we went to Ayala Center after dropping off our luggage at the Marriott Hotel.Sunburst Fried Chicken was recommended by a friend who used to live in Cebu. She said IContinue reading “Merienda at Sunburst Fried Chicken”

Afternoon Tea at Peacock Alley, The Willard InterContinental Hotel

As a special treat for me since I’ve never experienced the delights of afternoon tea my cousin La invited Sha and me to Peacock Alley at The Willard InterContinental Hotel. They are very well known for their traditional afternoon tea which they have been serving for over a century. This was the reason why IContinue reading “Afternoon Tea at Peacock Alley, The Willard InterContinental Hotel”

Sarap Pinoy’s Ready Mixes – Bibingka Love

What would your kids say if they came home from school and you have hot, freshly baked bibingka for their merienda? They will probably think you bought it right? Well, now you can honestly say that you made it yourself. Yesterday I received two big boxes of goodies from my friend who makes all theseContinue reading “Sarap Pinoy’s Ready Mixes – Bibingka Love”

Choco-Late’ de Batirol

Ever since my trip in Hong Kong last December where it was very cold I’ve been a little obsessed with finding good hot chocolate. Maybe it’s because of the cold weather or I’m just a chocoholic. When Florence’s hubby Peter called her to buy him a bottle of chocolate powder from Choco-Late’ de Batirol inContinue reading “Choco-Late’ de Batirol”