Tamsui Old Street Night Market

Tamsui, Taipei-001
This was the view that met us when we walked to Tamsui Old Street Night Market. There were more locals than tourists from what I saw. There were also lots of dogs with clothes being walked by their owners.

Tamsui, Taipei

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by so much snack stands. The whole place was just like a night market filled with all kind of ready to eat food as well as food stuff you can buy. Even though we were so full from lunch we couldn’t help but buy some goodies along the way.
Tamsui, Taipei- fried crablets

My mom gazed longingly at this super tall ice cream cone.
Tamsui, Taipei- soft serve ice cream

Outside some restaurants you can buy fresh mussels and choose your frog to be cooked.
Tamsui, Taipei- mussels

Tamsui, Taipei- live frogs

This is what we call dulong or silver fish. It’s fantastic cooked in an omelet or added to pasta. Really.
Tamsui, Taipei- silver fish or dulong

You can also buy fresh seafood to take home.

Tamsui, Taipei- squid

They sure love sausages.
Tamsui, Taipei- grilled sausages

Tamsui, Taipei-009

Tamsui, Taipei-010

Tamsui, Taipei- man fishing 1

He used a really, really long pole. I wonder if he caught any fish.
Tamsui, Taipei- man fishing 2

Jay got an order of his favorite grilled squid. It was brushed with a marinade and topped with some spice powder.
Tamsui, Taipei- grilled squid

I love Taiwanese oranges called 柳丁 (liǔdīng) which are among the sweetest varieties I’ve ever tried.
Tamsui, Taipei- fresh orange juice

I bought a big glass (700cc) of freshly squeezed orange juice for NT$65 and 9 oranges were used. It was as sweet as sugar!!
Tamsui, Taipei- fresh orange juice

Anybody know what this drink is?
Tamsui, Taipei-015

Tamsui, Taipei-016

Tamsui, Taipei- fried octopus
fried octopus 

My mom couldn’t resist so she bought her own soft serve ice cream. Too bad it looks better than it tastes. It was totally devoid of flavor or creaminess. It tasted just like cold ice. It got dumped pretty quick.
Tamsui, Taipei- soft serve ice cream

風螺 a kind of conch and it came in regular, mild, medium and super spicy flavors.
Tamsui, Taipei- insects

Tamsui, Taipei-023

We turned into this narrow alley to go out the other side of the street.
Tamsui, Taipei-019

Tamsui, Taipei- egg tarts & egg pudding in egg shell
egg tarts & egg pudding in egg shell

Tamsui, Taipei-024

Tamsui, Taipei-025

There were plenty of milk tea and coffee places on the street.
Tamsui, Taipei-026

Tamsui, Taipei-028

Tamsui, Taipei- iPhone cat cases

My mom and Pat stopped to buy sweet guava.
Tamsui, Taipei- guava

While my dad and his sister tried several pickled fruit and champoy.
Tamsui, Taipei- pickled fruits

My dad swears this was the best.
Tamsui, Taipei- pickled fruits

Tamsui, Taipei- candied fruits

Tamsui, Taipei-033
dried squid

Tamsui, Taipei- dried shrimp
dried shrimp and anchovies

This was my mom’s favorite dessert made with jelly strips in a lemon flavor sweet base.
Tamsui, Taipei- sweet dessert

I can’t resist buying sweet potatoes.
Tamsui, Taipei- candied sweet potatoes & taro

Sweet potato for me, sweet taro for my dad
Tamsui, Taipei- candied sweet potatoes & taro 2

As we were leaving we saw a long queue for these red bean cakes.
Tamsui, Taipei- red bean cakes

Taipei is really a great place for foodies. Everywhere there are stalls and stalls that sell unique food as well as old time favorites. Even with the language barrier all you need is to be adventurous and point and pay and you’ll find the food that will amaze you.

Tamsui Old Street Night Market
Zhōngshān Rd, Danshuei District, New Taipei, Taiwan 251

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