Hong Kong Prepaid Data Sim & Kee Tsui Cake Shop

The title of this post may seem strange to you. I wanted to share my discovery of a Hong Kong prepaid data sim card and I couldn’t just post two pictures so I threw in a delicious food find.

World Street Food Jamboree 2013

  Last June the Singapore Tourism Board sent me and two other Filipino journalists to attend the World Street Food Congress 2013 in Singapore. It was two days of intense and informative discussions from renowned international speakers like TV host Anthony Bourdain and James Oseland, editor-in-chief Saveur magazine among others. The event was organized by KFContinue reading “World Street Food Jamboree 2013”

The World Street Food Congress 2013

Denmark’s Porc Sandwich photo from: World Street Food Congress The good news is I’m off to Singapore to attend the World Street Food Congress through the invitation of the Singapore Tourism Board. I won’t be able to update my blog for a while but do follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see all the delicious street food I will beContinue reading “The World Street Food Congress 2013”