Philippine Airlines Meals Mnl-Hkg-Mnl October 2012

Philippine Airlines' arroz caldo
The best way to start an early morning flight is with a bowl of hot chicken arroz caldo from Philippine Airlines’ Mabuhay Lounge.

I was so happy to ride in Philippine Airlines’ 777-300ER which was quite comfortable even in economy. Welcome additions like a cup holder, bag hook and usb port were much appreciated.
Philippine Airline 777-300ER

Philippine Airline 777-300ER

I suddenly thought the chair and amenities seemed familiar and I remembered the flight I took on Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A330-300 which had almost the same exact features and this was way back in 2009!
Philippine Airline 777-300ER

Finally an entertainment system where you can choose what you want to watch and pause when you want. I even played a couple of games of Bejeweled.
Philippine Airline 777-300ER

For breakfast I chose the pork asado which came with Red Ribbon’s cinnamon roll and a bonus mini moon cake.
PAL economy breakfast - pork asado
pork asado

The pork asado was tender and had a sweet sauce. Quite good and edible specially for airplane food.
PAL economy breakfast - pork asado-001

This was the almost empty second section of economy. I think not even half of the plane was occupied.
Philippine Airline 777-300ER

I don’t like the 2-3-2 seating on business class. I much prefer a 2-2-2 layout.
Philippine Airline 777-304

I think only one person sat in business class that flight.
Philippine Airline 777-300ER

Don’t you just love the bathroom in Hong Kong’s airport? When will we ever have toilet seat cleaner in our bathrooms in Manila?
bathroom in Hong Kong airport

Our flight back to Manila was in a much smaller plane which still wasn’t full. I was lucky enough not to have a seat mate.
Philippine Airlines

PAL economy meal - pork steak
pork steak

The pork steak had a good peppery flavor but the meat was a bit tough probably because of the total absence of fat on the pork. In a way that was a good thing too.
PAL economy meal - pork steak-001

Dessert was Red Ribbon’s moist banana cake.  Overall I’m still happy with the food served by Philippine Airlines unlike other airlines that serve yucky stuffed bread for their meals.
PAL Red Ribbon banana cake

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