Dinner at Órale! Taqueria Mexicana

traditional Margarita on the rocks P175
I’ve been wanting to try the food at Órale! for the longest time but somehow it always slips my mind with all the new restaurants popping up here and there. It was a miracle that I finally remembered it a few weeks ago.

Orale! Taqueria Mexicana

The menu was your typical Mexican fast food menu but they had a lot more choices for fillings.
Orale! Taqueria Mexicana menu
Orale! Taqueria Mexicana menu (click to enlarge)

Orale! Taqueria Mexicana menu-001

Orale! Taqueria Mexicana-003

There was limited seating inside but they had more tables outside.
Orale! Taqueria Mexicana-004

We first tried two Margaritas, one traditional and one frozen. We all liked the frozen one better although the other one had more kick to it.
frozen mango Margarita P195
traditional Margarita on the rocks P175  frozen mango Margarita P195

We intentionally ordered different fillings for each one.
grande burrito barbacoa P385
grande burrito barbacoa P385

I really liked the burrito. It was very flavorful specially the barbacoa or roast beef. The best part was the ratio of meat, beans and sauce was just perfect with the rice. I also appreciated the filling was not wet and soggy like in other Mexican restaurants in Manila.
grande burrito barbacoa P385-001

Deb’s favorite was the enchilada with carnita or pulled pork. The sauce, cheese and sour cream on top of the stuffed tortilla was the perfect blend of salty and creamy.
enchilada carnita P315
enchilada carnita P315

For the quesadilla we chose grilled beef for it’s filling. It was good too! So far everything was good to this point.
quesadilla carne asada P285
quesadilla carne asada P285

We asked that the toppings of the tacos be put on the side so this is what our order of lengua tacos looked like. At this point good became GREAT.
dos tacos lengua P255
dos tacos lengua P255

I’ve never had Mexican style lengua before and let me tell you it was fantabulous!!! I ate my taco bare just like what you see in the picture below. The ox tongue was so tender and seasoned just right. This was my favorite of all. I can’t wait to try the lengua in an enchilada or burrito next time.
dos tacos lengua P255-001

People of Manila let me introduce you to the best nachos I’ve eaten so far. It was simple with just pieces of grilled beef, salsa, refried beans, cheese and sour cream but the taste was out of this world. The whole plate was warmed up in the salamander until the cheese melted. If I didn’t eat anything else I could finish an order just by myself since I LOVE nachos. I wonder if I could persuade them to put lengua on my nachos?
carne asada nachos regular P275
carne asada nachos regular P275

I don’t really know what this sauce was and which dish it came with but we used it as a dip for the tortilla chips and it was a pleasant surprise. It tasted like sun dried tomatoes and lots of spices.

Orale! Taqueria Mexicana-005

I can’t believe Deb’s baby girl is all grown up and can drink her Margarita faster than mama and the silly aunties.
Orale! Taqueria Mexicana-006

For dessert we had strawberries. Yummmmmmm!!!!
frozen strawberry Margarita P195
frozen strawberry Margarita P195

For days after I couldn’t stop thinking about our meal. I kept finding opportunities to go back since I loved the food so much. I may be late in the discovering Órale! but I’m glad I did. I will most definitely be back. Again and again and again.

Órale! Taqueria Mexicana
G/F, The Fort Strip cor 7th & 28th St.
Bonifacio Global City, Philippines.
telephone: +632 552-2660

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