Welcome to my blog’s new look!

 SFEL front

You may have noticed my long absence from posting. I was recently in Singapore and New Zealand for a vacation. I was also waiting for my blog’s new design to be completed. My blog is now four years old and all previous designs were just my best efforts. I figured it was time to let a professional spruce it up.

I have to thank Patricia of Fancy Girl Designs for her excellent job in finding out what I want. Does that sound strange? Honestly in the beginning I didn’t know the look or the colors I wanted but with Patricia’s skill we came up with this look. It’s very different from her style and her portfolio but I think she did a good job.

I also want to thank Jenn of The Techie Mom for migrating my blog from Blogger to WordPress. We both thought it was an easy job but the complication of my pictures being hosted in different sites made her job difficult. Nevertheless she patiently waded through my thousand plus posts and pictures.

This new design is still a work in progress since I may still find some errors or missing pictures. So if you see something wrong please do let me know. What do you think of the new look? Give me a shout out!!

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