Marugame Seimen 丸亀製麵

Marugame Udon

A relatively new addition to iSquare’s roster of restaurants is Marugame Seimen, a popular udon chain from Japan. 

What makes this restaurant different is that it’s self service. This poster at the entrance shows you the procedure on how to go about assembling your bowl of udon. 
Marugame Udon -002

Marugame - how to order


They have a variety of hot and cold udon and one curry rice bowl. 

Marugame Udon menu

There are two sizes to choose from. 

Marugame Udon menu-001

The Sanuki udon noodles are freshly made and cut in the store. The noodles are blanched briefly in water just when you order. It’s then topped with the soup stock and topping you choose. 

Marugame Udon -006

After getting your base udon bowl you can now select any of the tempura and fried extras you want to add to your noodles.  

Marugame Udon -007


The prices are all per piece. 

Marugame Udon - mixed veggie tempura HK$12 fried half boiled egg HK$10
mixed veggie tempura HK$12 fried half boiled egg HK$10
Marugame Udon - veggie tempura
sweet potato, pumpkin and eggplant tempura HK$6
Marugame Udon - fried chicken, shrimp tempura HK$12
fried chicken, shrimp tempura HK$12


There were a couple of side dishes available.

Marugame Udon - seaweed bite-sized squid tempura HK$12
seaweed bite-sized squid tempura HK$12
Marugame Udon - deep fried chicken HK$12
deep fried chicken HK$12
Marugame Udon - wasabi inari HK$12
wasabi inari HK$12
Marugame Udon - omusubi
omusubi HK$12

Marugame Udon -016

At the end of the line pay for your bill and head towards the garnish area. 

Marugame Udon -017

Marugame Udon -018

 I ordered the pork broth udon that came with a few thin slices of pork and half a hard boiled egg. I added one sweet potato tempura and a side order of seaweed squid tempura. I really liked the squid although I wish it was more tender. 

Marugame Udon - pork broth udon (M) HK$38
pork broth udon (M) HK$38 seaweed squid tempura HK$12


There was free green onion, tenkasu (tempura crumbs) and ginger if you want to add more zing to your udon.

Marugame Udon -021
green onions, tenkasu, ginger


I went crazy with the tenkasu transforming my udon into a Tanuki Udon. Overall my udon was good. The udon noodles were al dente and the soup was flavorful although not as creamy or tasty as the one I had at Jika Udon. The tempura was a bit oily since it wasn’t freshly fried. I also wish the soup was hotter. The soup cooled down from the time I spent choosing toppings and extra and paying. There wasn’t even a line when I was there. Imagine if you had to wait behind indecisive people? You’ll be having the cold version of udon. 

Marugame Udon - pork broth udon (M) HK$38-001


My dad’s beef & burdock udon had very little soup so I asked for more and they gladly gave us more. The soup was lighter and had a more subtle flavor. 

Marugame Udon - beef & burdock udon (M) HK$35
beef & burdock udon (M) HK$35


My mom for the first time forgot that I have to shoot first before she can eat. I guess she was really hungry already.

Marugame Udon - half boiled egg udon (M) HK$33
half boiled egg udon (M) HK$33


The inari and onigiri were just more carbs just in case you’re not full from the udon.

Marugame Udon -wasabi inari
wasabi inari

Marugame Udon -026

Marugame Udon is good if you want a quick and cheap meal. The self service ‘buffet’ style was a novelty I’ve never seen with hot noodle soup. The udon was not bad at all but I prefer the taste and quality of Jika Udon more. 

Marugame Udon menu-002

Marugame Seimen 丸亀製麵
Shop 609, 6/F, i-Square, 63 Nathan Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: 3583 0880
website (Japan)

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