Starbucks Reserve Manila

Starbucks Reserve has landed in Manila! As of this moment there are 3 branches already open in Manila. We went to the branch in Burgos Circle in The Fort.

From the outside it looked like your regular Starbucks. We even went to the other regular branch in Burgos Circle on the same street just on the opposite side of the rotunda. You can tell from the words printed on the glass door handle that you’re in the right branch. 
Starbucks Reserve Manila


Starbucks Reserve Manila-001


The usual merchandise lined an entire wall by the entrance. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila-010


New Starbucks Reserve mugs and drip coffee cones were available in this store. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila-009

The menu was the same except for the addition of single origin coffees. 

 Starbucks Reserve Manila-008


The food display was new and improved. What’s new are the two scones that were the main reasons for my visit. You see, I love scones and it is quite difficult to find good ones in Manila. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila-002

Starbucks Reserve Manila-003
Apple Cinnamon Scone and Black Pepper Cheese Scone P90

Starbucks Reserve Manila-004

Starbucks Reserve Manila-005


They had four single origin coffee beans that day. I wish they had a description of the coffee’s tasting notes to guide us on what to order. We had to rely on the vague descriptions of the baristas. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila-006

Starbucks Reserve Manila-007

There have so much more Starbucks Reserve Coffee beans on their website. I’ve tried a couple of varieties before which I got from the US so I was familiar with Starbucks’ more expensive choice beans. 

Starbucks Reserve Coffee


Our orders of Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe were brewed using the drip method which took a while since they were using only two cones. I was disappointed that our drinks were served in paper cups instead of the ceramic mugs even though they knew we were dining in. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila-012
Starbucks Drip Coffee

Starbucks Reserve Manila-013

Starbucks Reserve Manila-011

Starbucks Reserve Manila-015

Starbucks Reserve Manila-014


My friends ordered their favorites which I ignored. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila- Carrot Muffin P95 and Cinnamon Danish P65
Carrot Muffin P95 and Cinnamon Danish P65


In turn they ignored my scones since I was the only scone lover in the group. I was most excited to try the savory scone first since most scones I’ve encountered in Asia were the sweet kind. Imagine my shock when the Black Pepper Cheese Scone P90 tasted sweet too!! Why o why? It reminded me of those rock hard sweet cheese muffins sold in the school canteen. The texture of the exterior was nice and crumbly but the interior was a tad too moist for my liking. Overall I give this scone a 5/10 because of the sweetness and texture. They should try Starbucks Hong Kong’s amazing Fig & Pistachio Scones. That was almost perfect. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila- Iced Ethiopian Yirgachaffe P150, Black Pepper Cheese Scone P90
Iced Ethiopian Yirgachaffe P150, Black Pepper Cheese Scone P90


The Apple Cinnamon Scone P90 fared a little better since it was sweet as it was supposed to be. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila- Apple Cinnamon Scone P90
Apple Cinnamon Scone P90


The tables were too low and too small or we just ordered too much? Anyway the set up didn’t feel conducive to a long stay and I guess that’s what they wanted to achieve. I can just imagine some might linger for hours if there was comfy seating. 

Starbucks Reserve Manila-019


Even though I wasn’t too happy with my scones I was satisfied with my iced coffee. Welcome to Manila Starbucks Reserve. There’s always room for good coffee in Manila and I’m happy to see you. 

Starbucks Reserve

  • Forbes Town Center, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
  • 212 Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Scout Dr Lazcano, Quezon City
  • G/F, Keyland Centre, Dela Rosa St., Makati City


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