Lunch at Loong Yat Heen

My dad’s friend, Allen, invited us to lunch at Loong Yat Heen in The Kowloon Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. The last time I ate at Loong Yat Heen the restaurant was in the basement. Now it’s on the 2nd floor sharing space with The Window Cafe. I remember eating the best roast goose there.Continue reading “Lunch at Loong Yat Heen”

Dinner at King’s Dumpling

There were so many dining options to choose from at The One but  finally we chose King’s Dumpling. King’s Dumpling is a popular restaurant chain from Shenzhen where they have many branches. They offer Taiwanese food just like Crytal Jade and many others. It seems Taiwanese food is popping up in Hong Kong and ManilaContinue reading “Dinner at King’s Dumpling”

Dim Sum at Hak Ka Hut

I love dim sum. I think I can eat dim sum in Hong Kong everyday. I’ve eaten at Hak Ka Hut before and I loved their version of Hainanese chicken which they call baked chicken w/ savory sauce. It’s salted chicken and very, very flavorful. The vermicelli or bihon pictured above was quite dry butContinue reading “Dim Sum at Hak Ka Hut”

Xia Fei Shanghainese

I’m going to interrupt my blog entries of US restaurants with a series of new restaurants I tried in Hong Kong on my trip last October.During the Christmas holiday season a lot of Filipinos flock to Hong Kong for a quick vacation. Just 1.5 hours by air from Manila, the weather in Hong Kong isContinue reading “Xia Fei Shanghainese”

Jin Fong & Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

It was our last day in New York and what better way to say goodbye than to have dim sum in Chinatown. My cousin Virgil picked us up from our hotel in Times Square and brought us to Jin Fong for dim sum brunch. I was surprised how big the place was. I bet it’sContinue reading “Jin Fong & Original Chinatown Ice Cream Factory”

Lunch at Lugang Cafe

Lugang cafe is a new Chinese restaurant located in Greenhills and specializes in dishes from Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai. The restaurant opens to the public today. I was fortunate to have been invited to the soft opening yesterday noon. You see one of the owners is my dad’s god daughter and her dad is oneContinue reading “Lunch at Lugang Cafe”

Lunch at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

I will interrupt my US restaurants tour with a review of our lunch yesterday. Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao is currently the hottest restaurant in Manila as evident with the long lines that form from the time they open until they closes. I didn’t really want to eat there yet since it justContinue reading “Lunch at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao”

My last meals in Taipei

My last meals in Taipei were in the fast food sections of malls. I didn’t mind since the offerings in Taipei’s malls are awesome and so different from any mall in the world. I don’t even remember what mall we went to but here are some pictures of the things that caught my eye andContinue reading “My last meals in Taipei”

Lunch at the original Din Tai Fung branch in Taipei

Can you believe we ate at Din Tai Fung only a few hours after eating at World Soybean Magnate? We were trying to cram as many things we could try in a day. My cousin Angie brought us to the original branch of Din Tai Fung located on XinYi road at the corner of YongContinue reading “Lunch at the original Din Tai Fung branch in Taipei”