All You Can Eat Dim Sum at Red Lantern, Solaire Resort & Casino

My friends Jennie and Florence treated our group to a stuff-your-face-silly dim sum lunch at Solaire Resort and Casino. The private rooms in Red Lantern were beautifully appointed. There is a minimum consumable fee of P20,000 if you want to dine in private. I really liked the Chinese calligraphy stickers on the glass walls. OurContinue reading “All You Can Eat Dim Sum at Red Lantern, Solaire Resort & Casino”

Dinner at Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant

iSquare is a 31 storey mall in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. I have reviewed several restaurants in this mall. There’s not a lot of stores that I like in the mall except for Log On and Jason’s Marketplace but there are a lot of restaurants that are worth going to over and overContinue reading “Dinner at Ah Yat Harbour View Restaurant”

Cheap & Good Eats at Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant

One of the restaurants we always patronize in Hong Kong is this hole in the wall restaurant that serves the best congee and pretty good noodle soup. Chiu Fat used to be in Hankow Rd. but now it moved to a more visible location in Lock Rd. It’s right beside Swindon Books and next toContinue reading “Cheap & Good Eats at Chiu Fat Porridge Noodle Restaurant”

Hot Pot at Bird’s Nest Restaurant

This is the third and last restaurant I tried on Minden Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui last December. Having hot pot on a cool night was just what we needed. They just opened and the two men were happy to usher us in. The whole menu was in Chinese. I always enjoy concocting my own sauce. IContinue reading “Hot Pot at Bird’s Nest Restaurant”

Lunch at Cloudland Chinese Cuisine

I used to stay very near Minden Avenue several years ago. I never went there because there was nothing there except for a laundry shop and some bars. It wasn’t until I went to Butao Ramen that I discovered the whole street was lined with several restaurants. Minden Avenue is parallel to Mody Road. K11Continue reading “Lunch at Cloudland Chinese Cuisine”

Lunch at ChefMaster Chiuchow Restaurant

We left Macao early and arrived in Hong Kong right in time for lunch. From the Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal we walked next door to the Gateway Arcade in Harbour City to find a place to eat. We chose the first restaurant we saw which was a good thing since we love Chiuchow foodContinue reading “Lunch at ChefMaster Chiuchow Restaurant”

Dinner at Hanobe Asian Cuisine

Once a year I meet with my business partners in our company called Swisher. This year we ate at Hanobe Asian Cuisine at Greenhills Town Center. It was my first time to go to Greenhills Town Center. I was surprised how spacious it was and there were lots of parking spaces. From the outside itContinue reading “Dinner at Hanobe Asian Cuisine”

456 Modern Shanghai Cuisine at The Venetian Macao

The first time we ate at 456 Modern Shanghai Cuisine was in 2010 and we loved it so much we made sure to eat there again last December. The restaurant was located at The Venetian’s St. Mark’s Square. The soup was the only dish we previously ordered. Green Vegetable & Mandarin Fish Soup MOP$45 perContinue reading “456 Modern Shanghai Cuisine at The Venetian Macao”

Imperial House Dim Sum

Last December we took a short trip to Macao from Hong Kong. Months before our trip I looked at the rates and room pictures of virtually all the newer hotels in Macao. Sure there were a lot of really nice looking rooms but the sizes were much smaller than Venetian’s Verona suite and the priceContinue reading “Imperial House Dim Sum”

More Chuk Yuen Love

We always eat at Chuk Yuen on our first or second day in Hong Kong. It’s my comfort food in Hong Kong and I really needed it after my unsatisfactory meals at Carpaccio and Ginza Bairin the previous day. When you have lunch at Chuk Yuen they USUALLY offer you FREE hot sugarcane or orangeContinue reading “More Chuk Yuen Love”