Finestra at Solaire Resort & Casino

Solaire Resort & Casino has several signature and casual dining restaurants. The first one I tried was Finestra their fine dining Italian restaurant. I’ve seen pictures of Finestra from other blogs but it still didn’t prepare me for the beauty and grandeur I’ve only seen in other countries. I even overheard a few people commentContinue reading “Finestra at Solaire Resort & Casino”

My Kitchen by Chef Chris

My friend Ariel lives in San Francisco, a city with so many, many good pizzas. He’s the one who brought me to Pizzeria Delfina which I really enjoyed. I wanted him to try Chef Chris’ creation formerly known as panizza since I know think there’s nothing like that in the US yet. This was myContinue reading “My Kitchen by Chef Chris”

Dinner at Lombardi’s, Robinson’s Magnolia

We were supposed to have our Christmas dinner at Greeka Kouzina but it was full that Saturday night so we went to Robinson’s Magnolia and chose to eat at Lombardi’s. I was with the same group of friends and kiddies who ate at My Kitchen where we had an excellent meal that we still had aContinue reading “Dinner at Lombardi’s, Robinson’s Magnolia”

Sunday Lunch at My Kitchen by Chef Chris

Ever since I ate at C Italian Dining in Pampanga two years ago I’ve been wanting to go back. I was so happy to hear that Chef Chris opened a new restaurant in Paco, Manila which was still far but much more manageable than Pampanga. C is still open from what I’ve heard but ChefContinue reading “Sunday Lunch at My Kitchen by Chef Chris”

Rome: Ristorante la Canonica

Since we’ve eaten mostly at restaurants near our B&B in Rome we wanted a change of scenery so we went to Travestere, an area popular with tourists and filled with lots of bars and restaurants. We walked and walked looking for a restaurant that didn’t scream ‘tourists eat here!” We also didn’t want a newContinue reading “Rome: Ristorante la Canonica”

Rome: Pizzeria Dal Paino, Piazza Navona

I wasn’t giving up. I still wanted to find great pizza in Italy. My search took us to Pizzeria Baffeto which was in several lists of ‘must eats’ in Rome. What I neglected to read on my research was the opening hours of Baffeto. No wonder there were no lines, the pizzeria was open forContinue reading “Rome: Pizzeria Dal Paino, Piazza Navona”

Rome: Trattoria al Moro, Caffe Greco, Baccano Gelato

So far most of the meals we’ve had in Italy were disappointing with some mediocre dishes that served to merely fill our tummies. That changed when we had dinner at Trattoria al Moro. We were quite famished having skipped lunch and spent the day at the Vatican museum and we arrived a little too earlyContinue reading “Rome: Trattoria al Moro, Caffe Greco, Baccano Gelato”

Rome: Restaurants on Via delle Fornaci

Since our B&B was surrounded with several restaurants we tried three of them. Most of the time we were tired after a whole day of walking at the Vatican or other sites so eating nearby was most convenient. The food we’ve eaten at these restaurants were just satisfactory nothing really memorable. Even though the weatherContinue reading “Rome: Restaurants on Via delle Fornaci”

Florence: Trattoria La Madia

For our last meal in Florence we took a chance by randomly picking a restaurant that looked appealing to us. We were lucky it proved to be a good choice. On our last night we just decided to walk around the city and look for a restaurant that looked authentic so we stayed away fromContinue reading “Florence: Trattoria La Madia”