Best Traditional Chocolate Cake – Karen’s Chocolate Ganache Cake

I’ve previously declared Classic Confection’s Nono’s Oblivion as the best chocolate cake. That was a special kind of chocolate cake made with praline and mousse. For the traditional 3 layer chocolate cake with filling and frosting, the best cake I’ve ever eaten is Karen’s Kitchen’s Chocolate Ganache Cake. Thanks to Maribel who sent me thisContinue reading “Best Traditional Chocolate Cake – Karen’s Chocolate Ganache Cake”

Perth Day 8 – Part 1 Swan Valley

The Swan Valley is Western Australia’s oldest wine region. It’s just 25 minutes from the city. SwanValley is a one stop area for wine, food, art, scenery and nature. A major attraction is the Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail – a 32 kilometre loop taking in more than 150 attractions including wineries, lively breweries,Continue reading “Perth Day 8 – Part 1 Swan Valley”

Sad Saturday Lunch

It’s 1:00 pm and I just finished a long conversation. I was thinking about what to have for lunch when I came across a blog entry featuring hot chocolate. Oprah said Mariebelle hot chocolate was one of her favorite things. If Oprah said it’s good then it must be true. Unfortunately I don’t have Oprah’sContinue reading “Sad Saturday Lunch”