Caprice at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong

For the life of me I will never understand how Caprice restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel in Hong Kong got the number 16 spot in the Miele guide to Asia’s top 20 restaurants. I’ve written about of it here and here. None of them were any good except for the lamb chops in oneContinue reading “Caprice at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong”

Lunch at Lung King Heen

I was excited to finally eat at Lung King Heen. It’s one of the best Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. From their website: Lung King Heen is the only Chinese restaurant in the world to receive three Michelin stars. The only Chinese chef ever to receive this prestigious accolade, Executive Chinese Chef Chan Yan TakContinue reading “Lunch at Lung King Heen”

Lunch at Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel

Caprice isn’t one of my “must eat” restaurants in Hong Kong. My previous meal there was very unsatisfactory. Since it’s our host’s favorite restaurant because of the beautiful decor, good service and fabulous view I have no choice but to pray that the food has improved. private dining room ferry to Discovery Bay street levelContinue reading “Lunch at Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel”

Lunch at Petrus, Island Shangri-la Hong Kong

We had lunch at Petrus, the French restaurant at Island Shangri-la hotel in Hong Kong. I always enjoy eating there. It’s not the best French restaurant in Hong Kong but you can count on consistently good food and service all the time. The spectacular view of Hong Kong’s magnificent skyline and harbour from our table.Continue reading “Lunch at Petrus, Island Shangri-la Hong Kong”

Lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 2

We celebrated Elizabeth’s birthday at our favorite French restaurant in Hong Kong. The last time we ate here I was so impressed with the food. Again I wasn’t dissapointed. I dedicate this entry to my cousin, Yaj who dreams of eating at Robuchon. This restaurant has the best selection of bread ever! I don’t normallyContinue reading “Lunch at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon 2”

Lunch at Spoon

2.01.09 Last day in HKlocation: Intercontinental Hotel, Hong Kong Last day. Spoon offered the best choices and value for your dollars. the nice French manager delicious soup! Dessert is in the kitchen Lobster Caesar Salad my appetizer plate Wine came with the meal my high blood plate(Foie Gras Terrine on the upper left side &Continue reading “Lunch at Spoon”

L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon pt. 2

location: The Landmark, Hong Kong a free appetizer – eggs with blue cheese and almonds Pork Meat on French Baguette w/ Parmesan Cheese(my order) Pan Fried Baby Squids w/ Cod Fish Goose Foie Gras and Caramelized Eel Terrine Veal & Japanese Mushroom Ravioli in a Chicken Broth(so so so good) with Mimolette Cheese(comes with theContinue reading “L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon pt. 2”