Dinner at Monster Sushi

lobster salad w: seared salmon roll-3
We wanted to have a light and simple dinner so we went to iSQUARE to try Monster Sushi.

Monster Sushi

Monster Sushi-1

Monster Sushi-2

It was a week night that’s why we were able to get a table quickly. If you go to iSQUARE on a weekend be prepared to join long queues in most restaurants.
Monster Sushi-3

Monster Sushi-4

Gunkan sushi (battleship sushi) are sushi topped with soft or salad type topping on top of vinegared rice.

These were made up of (top to bottom) whelk, octopus w/ wasabi and lobster salad. It was quite delicious and unique.
3 styles gunkan maki
3 styles gunkan maki HK$28

I was a bit disappointed with this huge roll made up of lots of rice and more crunchy puffed rice coating. The filling was just a small piece of crab stick, an itsy bitsy piece of mango and pickled vegetable. It would have been better with more sauce and mayonnaise instead of a measly drizzle. The crunchy texture was interesting though.
godzilla roll
godzilla roll HK$35

Soft, slimy, favorful. Yum.
lobster salad w: seared salmon roll-2
lobster salad w/ seared salmon roll HK$28

Here’s one sushi that seemed like a good idea on the menu. Hairy crab meat as special as it is was totally lost on this fried sushi roll. All I could taste was rice and an oily after taste.
hairy crab tempura roll
hairy crab tempura roll HK$28

They also had a lot of cooked food and many other sashimi and sushi creations. I may just go back to try them out.
Monster Sushi specials

Monster Sushi specials-1

Monster Sushi specials-2

Monster Sushi
Shop 302, 3/F, iSquare,
63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone +852-2111-1116

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