Dinner at Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant

roast goose
I did a post on the shops and restaurants I love in Hankow rd. in Tsim Sha Tsui. I have to add this restaurant that my friend Tisay recommended.

I’ve passed by this restaurant numerous times but I had no idea it would be so good.

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant

Sure all the lovely meats hanging looked tempting.
Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant-001

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant-002

But the interiors was hardly tempting. Although I’ve eaten at worse looking places and I’ve loved the food specially at this place that had the best fish ball noodle soup.
Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant-004

The only downside to this restaurant was all their menus were in Chinese. Their menus had some pictures though and you could probably get through a meal by pointing at pictures or maybe print this post.
Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant-005

I love milk tea or “nai cha” and this one hits the spot. It’s really strong tea mixed with rich Black & White evaporated milk. It’s a must order!
nai cha or milk tea
nai cha or milk tea HK$14

It must be really good to have a sign in English and only HK$5!
Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant-003

We ordered 2 chicken livers and this is what we got. I’m not really fond of liver unless it’s in the form of paté but this was really, really good. It was sweet, savory and milky. The texture of the liver was exquisite. The flavor reminded me of teriyaki but better.
famous roast chicken liver HK$10
famous roast chicken liver HK$10

The chicken breast was a bit tough but overall it was very tasty and fragrant.
Hainanese chicken
Hainanese chicken HK$80

When I last went to Yung Kee their roast goose was sold out and I’ve been yearning for some since then. Oh wow this goose was fantastic! So moist, juicy and full flavored. Now I don’t have to go all the way to Hong Kong side just to have my roast goose.
roast goose
roast goose HK$100

Here’s all the fatty skin and bones from all the roast goose I ate. Even without rice I loved it!
roast goose-001

Yup no rice since I was avoiding carbs but I couldn’t resist these noodles. They were perfectly al dente and the mild cheese sauce was simply yummy with it. Even without the shrimp I would have been happy. This is another must order!
shrimp with noodles in cheese sauce
shrimp with noodles in cheese sauce

I wasn’t a big fan of the soup since it had an overwhelming taste of wansuy or cilantro which I hate.
fish soup
fish soup

I couldn’t put the prices of all the food we ordered because no one can understand the writing of the waiter. Maybe a Chinese doctor can figure it out?
bill at Guagdong Barbecue Restaurant

The lesson is don’t judge a restaurant by it’s ambiance (even though Erap says differently ;p). Holes in wall like this restaurant can yield pleasant surprises. I’m definitely adding this to my list of ‘must eats’ in Hong Kong.

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant menu

Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant
43-49A Hankow Road,  G/F Hankow Apartment

Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
telephone: (852) 2735-5151

4 thoughts on “Dinner at Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant

  1. Leslie, rice can make some people gain weight easy.  I had to stay away from rice for a while and only eat it when special dinner in restaurants.  Some breads and noodle are fine .  I do not gain weight from them.


  2. I’ve been a follower of your blog for sometime now and I love your posts on HK, as it’s my favorite quick vacation place too! I’ve been to this place a couple of years ago, they used to have (hope they still do!) an English menu and with pictures at that. But we weren’t sure if the bill was correct as it was in Chinese characters. Nevertheless, it was a good meal at a really good price!


  3. This is one of our favorite bbq restos in Kowloon, prices are good and best of all food is quick and delicious. The roast goose is good but my favorite hands down is still Yung Kee.


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