Inaniwa Udon Nabe Japanese Restaurant 稻庭烏冬·鍋物日本餐廳

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-001

On my last trip to Hong Kong I went on an udon eating spree. I’ve tried Jika Udon and Marugame Udon which both had the more traditional thick udon wheat flour noodles. This time the specialty was thin Inaniwa Udon from Akita, Japan.

Inaniwa Udon‧Nabe Japanese Restaurant provides Japan’s exclusive handmade Sato Yosuke Udon (VII generation), which originated in Akita, Japan, and was previously regarded as an item of supremacy that was only served to nobles and the royal family before the middle of the Meji period. Sato Yosuke Udon is made with select flour, water and salt, with careful control of cooking bubbles and humidity, in order to create a smooth texture. source

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-002


The restaurant was located at Elements Mall which I really liked. Good food and shopping all in one place. I like (window) shopping there specially on weekdays when there’s not much people. It’s also where I buy my Nespresso capsules. 

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-003

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-004


For lunch they had a slightly more affordable menu.
 Inaniwa Udon Nabe lunch set menu
(click to enlarge)

Inaniwa Udon Nabe lunch dessert promo


The original soup for my udon was supposed to be curry but I requested the regular broth instead. 

Inaniwa Udon Nabe - Inaniwa udon in soup with prime Angus beef lunch set HK$148-001
Inaniwa udon in soup with prime Angus beef lunch set HK$148


Inaniwa Udon Nabe- side salad & leaf mustard onigiri
side salad & leaf mustard onigiri


The Inaniwa udon was much thinner and more refined than your typical udon but it was still al dente. The soup stock was subtle in flavor and the tender Angus beef was the best noodle topping possible. 

Inaniwa Udon Nabe - Inaniwa udon in soup with prime Angus beef HK$148-002


I enjoyed my big bowl of Inaniwa udon but I must say I prefer the thicker chunky chewier traditional udon noodles more. But this was a welcome change and definitely a ‘level up’ from other pedestrian noodles. 

Inaniwa Udon Nabe - Inaniwa udon in soup with prime Angus beef HK$148-003


Good Japanese coffee came with my lunch set and I ordered the creme brûlée cheesecake at half price. 

Inaniwa Udon Nabe- brulee cheesecake & coffee
brulee cheesecake & coffee


This restaurant also specializes in Japanese hot pot. Other chef recommendations include cold Inaniwa udon (Japanese soya dressing or sesame dressing), stir-mixed Inaniwa udon with Mentaiko, cold Inaniwa udon with hot Iwate duck dressing, Hokkaido Shiretoko chicken hot pot and hot spring egg salad. 

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-012


You can buy dry udon noodles as well as some sauces. 

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-015

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-013

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-016

Inaniwa Udon Nabe-017

Inaniwa Udon Nabe’s menu

Inaniwa Udon Nabe Japanese Restaurant 稻庭烏冬·鍋物日本餐廳
Shop 2002, 2/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone:2196 8989

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