Scarsdale Artisinal Delights

I was just in S&R Shaw a few days ago and didn’t know that a new carb heaven opened until I saw a picture in Instagram. I immediately went back yesterday to check out the temptations they offered.

To get to Scarsdale Artisan Delights you must enter the left gate of S&R if you’re coming from S. Laurel street. If you take the right gate you have to pass through the parking of S&R and make a u-turn at the gate. 

The place is named after a town in New York and not the diet as I first thought. 😀

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-001

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-006

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-002

I went there to have a sandwich for lunch. Silly me asked one of the owners which sandwich was healthier. 

Scarsdale Artisan Delights menu
Scarsdale Artisan Delights menu


She replied, “None. All our sandwiches use either a doughnut or baked croughnut as the bread.” Oooohh so sinful!! 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-004

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-003

Go Nuts Donuts is their sister company and they carried the complete line of GND cookie spreads.  

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-005

From the stairs’ landing you can see their immaculate kitchen. 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-007

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-008

I guess these are supposed to be bags of flour. 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-009

The artist was finishing the wall mural on the second floor.

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-010

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-011

You can see Starbucks and Project Pie right across the street.

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-012

Since nothing was ‘healthy’ I decided to order something I really like – Chicken Pot Pie. Even though this was a sandwich it really tasted almost like a pot pie since the baked croughnut was really light, flaky and crisp just like puff pastry. 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Croughnut Chicken Pot Pie P160
Croughnut Chicken Pot Pie P160


Before eating I just had to remove some undesirables – onions and cucumbers. 😀

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Cronut Chicken Pot Pie

Now it’s ready to eat. I was quite happy with the chunky chicken in white sauce without potatoes! There was lettuce too and I think I will remove that too next time for a more pot pie like experience. Even when eaten cold the sandwich was delicious. Why cold? The aircon in the second floor was freezing and by the time I finished taking pictures my sandwich was cold. 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Cronut Chicken Pot Pie-001

I took home half of my sandwich and fries. Their packaging was really impressive. Even if you buy 1 doughnut or croughnut they pack it in a sturdy box and closed it with a big sticker. The big box for half a dozen croughnuts was even more impressive in black. 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-017

I bumped into 2 famous foodies, chef Angelo Comsti, author of the cookbook From Our Table to Yours and Cyrene de la Rosa, food writer at InterAksyonTV5

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights-018

Check out all the unique and lovely croughnut creations. 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Banofee Croughnut
Banofee Croughnut
Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Croughnuts - Almond P90 Tahitian Vanilla Custard filled with Strawberry Compote P100
Almond P90 Tahitian Vanilla Custard filled with Strawberry Compote P100


The apple pie croughnut tempted me the most.

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Apple Pie Croughnut
Apple Pie Croughnut


Carlo’s Favorite is filled with dulce de leche and topped with 72% dark chocolate ganache and pecan praline. Carlo is Chef Carlo Miguel who’s also a partner in Scarsdale.

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Carlo's Favorite Croughnut P100
Carlo’s Favorite Croughnut P100


I didn’t even resist buying a Green Tea Glazed doughnut which I wish had more green tea flavor. I will definitely be back for the roast beef and pulled pork sandwiches and maybe the vegetarian cheddar jalapeño which I was told was super duper cheesy. 

Scarsdale Artisinal Delights- Green Tea Glazed Doughnut P40
Green Tea Glazed Doughnut P40


As soon as I got home I walked my doggies hoping to burn all the calories I ate. You can see my doggies need to go on a diet too. 

labrador, Chocnut and dachshund, Coffee

Scarsdale Artisanal Delights (closed)
514 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

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