Warm Sourdough Bread Salad w/ Roast Chicken

It’s funny but I cooked more when I was in Virginia for 4 weeks than a whole year in Manila. I find it easier to put together meals when everything is so convenient in their supermarkets. Everything is pre-cut, pre-packed, pre-cooked. All you really have to do is be creative and put all the ingredientsContinue reading “Warm Sourdough Bread Salad w/ Roast Chicken”

Z Pizza and Panera Bread

My cousin La ate pizza at a party and she really liked it. She asked the host where she bought it. The answer was Z Pizza. We went to Z Pizza in Woodland Park Crossing in Herndon, Virginia. It was my first time to go there and I really liked the architecture and ambiance ofContinue reading “Z Pizza and Panera Bread”