Take Out Dinner From Tim Ho Wan

For lunch I ate at Nanhai No. 1, a Michelin One Star restaurant in a beautiful setting with matching prices. For dinner I bought dim sum at a hole in a wall in Mongkok which also had the distinction of being the cheapest Michelin One Star restaurant in Hong Kong. I went to Tim Ho WanContinue reading “Take Out Dinner From Tim Ho Wan”

Dinner at Macau Restaurant

Here’s another restaurant to add to your list of “cheap eats” in Hong Kong. Although they also have expensive items in their menu you can get a really good meal for not too much money. I’ve eaten in Macau Restaurant once several years ago but I wasn’t impressed despite the long lines that always formContinue reading “Dinner at Macau Restaurant”

Dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant

I’m happy to introduce all my readers and future travelers to Hong Kong another ‘good and cheap’ restaurant in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Tsui Wah Restaurant is located on Carnarvon st. right behind K11 mall. It’s just steps away from Nathan Road. It’s quite a spacious restaurant with two levels. Where’s the salt? TsuiContinue reading “Dinner at Tsui Wah Restaurant”

Dinner at Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant

I did a post on the shops and restaurants I love in Hankow rd. in Tsim Sha Tsui. I have to add this restaurant that my friend Tisay recommended. I’ve passed by this restaurant numerous times but I had no idea it would be so good. Sure all the lovely meats hanging looked tempting. ButContinue reading “Dinner at Guangdong Barbecue Restaurant”