Dinner at Café Ysabel

We recently had a stockholder’s meeting for our company, Swisher. My partners and I are the Philippine franchise holder. We held the dinner/meeting at Café Ysabel. I hadn’t been to Café Ysabel in maybe 15 years and I don’t have good memories of it. So I was eager to try the food again after allContinue reading “Dinner at Café Ysabel”

Dusit part 2 – Benjarong & Tosca

Dusit part 1 Between holding my plate, glass of raspberry bellini (from Tosca), camera and seeing all the food choices on the 2nd floor I was lucky to get these shots at all. There’s so much food that I wasn’t able to take pictures of. You have to be there to experience this food extravaganza.Continue reading “Dusit part 2 – Benjarong & Tosca”

Dusit Thani Manila’s Sunday Buffet – Umu

Dusit Thani Manila Hotel has a new promotion they call Sunday Family Crossover Brunch. I call it an outrageous buffet. For the price of P1,495++ or US$31 for adults and P595 for kids you get to eat as much as you want from their 4 excellent restaurants. There’s UMU the Japanese restaurant, Benjarong serving RoyalContinue reading “Dusit Thani Manila’s Sunday Buffet – Umu”

Sango! The Burger Master

I’ve been hearing about Sango burger from my friend but I only got to try it last week. I went to their Ortigas Center branch. I’ve had Japanese burger before. I’ve tried MOS burger in Hong Kong. It wasn’t really my taste. I prefer the American style burger. I wanted to try Sango and seeContinue reading “Sango! The Burger Master”

Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant

A friend invited us for lunch at Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant. Let me get straight to the point. The interiors and ambiance are a 2 (di pwede kay Erap!) but the food is a solid 8. Don’t mind the heat, awful lighting and furniture and just dig in. kimchi and beansprouts appetizer wakame salad unagi donContinue reading “Yakiniku Sakura Restaurant”

The Century Seafood Restaurant

This is my first time to try this restaurant located on the ground floor of Century Park Hotel. This restaurant is known for big wedding receptions for the Chinese community. We were invited by the one of restaurant’s partners for a truly unforgettable lunch. live seafood tanks lobsters sea mantis in plastic bottles and rockContinue reading “The Century Seafood Restaurant”