Pal food on economy Mla-Tpe-Mla

I’ve raved a lot about how good the food was on Philippine Airlines  whether on business or economy class. My luck finally ran out. Last May I went to Taipei with some friends and had the most awful breakfast on the plane. I’ve tried the dimsum and noodles offered by PAL before and found itContinue reading “Pal food on economy Mla-Tpe-Mla”

Food on Philippine Airlines

Here’s another installment on my homage to Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) fabulous inflight food. This was taken on my trip to Hong Kong last February. Mnl-Hkg breakfast menu As usual the bircher muesli was excellent. Despite several attempts I couldn’t get my muesli to taste as good.  I suspect they used heavy cream instead of yogurtContinue reading “Food on Philippine Airlines”

PAL food and the new 777-300 aircraft

I may be the only one but I just love the food of Philippine Airlines. I don’t think it’s only because I was in business class. Although that does tip the scales a bit. The food they serve has improved tremendously over the past few years.All these pictures were taken with my iPhone. fresh fruitsContinue reading “PAL food and the new 777-300 aircraft”

Philippine Airlines food Mla-Hkg-Mla

I just recently came back from a trip to Hong Kong. As usual I took PAL since it’s my favorite airline. Yes it is! Well mainly because all my mileage from credit cards is with Pal so I have no choice but to take PAL. On this flight I took business class using up onlyContinue reading “Philippine Airlines food Mla-Hkg-Mla”

Emirates Airbus 380 pictures

These pictures of Emirates new Airbus 380 leaves me speechless! From Friday, the Emirates Airline’s first class passengers on board the new superjumbo A380 Airbus will be able to indulge in ‘shower spas’. But they will be limited to a five-minute dousing to ensure that all 14 first class passengers can enjoy the luxury. ForContinue reading “Emirates Airbus 380 pictures”

Singapore Day 14 – Killiney Kopitiam, Bengawan Solo, SQ food Singapore to Manila

This was my last breakfast at Traders hotel. I had congee topped with pork floss, salted eggs, Chinese doughnut (you tiao), and fried shallots. The congee was totally devoid of salt or taste that’s why I loaded it with all those yummy toppings. We spent the morning running around Orchard Rd. like headless chickens doingContinue reading “Singapore Day 14 – Killiney Kopitiam, Bengawan Solo, SQ food Singapore to Manila”

Singapore Day 11 – SQ Food Perth to Singapore, Traders Hotel, The Line at Shangri-La Hotel

  We took flight SQ216 and that meant leaving Perth at 1:05 am and arriving in Singapore at 6:25 am. This was the meal served on the flight. I’m glad I woke up to eat. It was one of the best chicken curry I’ve ever eaten! The other meals we had in Singapore airlines wereContinue reading “Singapore Day 11 – SQ Food Perth to Singapore, Traders Hotel, The Line at Shangri-La Hotel”

Perth Day 10 – Bell Tower, Jade Restaurant, Valentino Restaurant

It’s our last day in Perth. We went to the last attraction in our list of place to go in Perth, the Bell Tower. The Bell Tower is like one huge musical instrument. The bells in the tower have a long history from 14th century England up to its final home in Perth. We caughtContinue reading “Perth Day 10 – Bell Tower, Jade Restaurant, Valentino Restaurant”