Batanes Day 3 Part 1 – Chawa View Deck and Mahatao

Day 3 in Batanes brought even more spectacular views. This was my favorite day. I took so many pictures that I have to split this day’s shots into three entries. No more boat rides! We spent the day driving around Basco. We drove by the other places where you can stay in Batanes. We didn’tContinue reading “Batanes Day 3 Part 1 – Chawa View Deck and Mahatao”

Batanes Day 2 Part 2 – Sabtang Island Conclusion

There is no shortage of beautiful sceneries in Sabtang island and the best was at Chamantad. We walked down the hill all the way to the edge. Well I took a shortcut and almost slid down all the way. Luckily I got my balance and was able to put on the brakes. Yes, I madeContinue reading “Batanes Day 2 Part 2 – Sabtang Island Conclusion”

Batanes Day 2 Part 1 – Sabtang Island

We had an early start on the second day of our trip in Batanes. We left the hotel at 6:00 am to make it on time for the boat ride to Sabtang Island. We weren’t late but there was a big group ahead of us so we had to wait for the next trip. AContinue reading “Batanes Day 2 Part 1 – Sabtang Island”

Batanes Day 1 Part 2 – Vayang Rolling Hills, Basco Lighthouse

I never thought of myself as a nature lover. Most of my vacations revolve around shopping and eating.But seeing the Vayang Rolling Hills really amazed me. I enjoyed climbing up the hill so much and seeing the beauty around me. The top of the hill looked high but the climb was very easy. Wherever youContinue reading “Batanes Day 1 Part 2 – Vayang Rolling Hills, Basco Lighthouse”

Batanes Day 1 Part 1 – Tukon Church, Valugan Bay

I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t seen much of the beauty of the Philippines. All I see everyday is the hustle and bustle of city life in Manila. I don’t enjoy seeing pollution and traffic everyday. That’s why I was very excited to see Batanes. The Province of Batanes is the northernmost and the smallestContinue reading “Batanes Day 1 Part 1 – Tukon Church, Valugan Bay”

What We Ate at Batanes Resort

With our flight delay we arrived at Batanes Resort just in time for lunch. Lunch was pre-ordered for us. That was how it was done on packaged tours in Batanes. The tour operator tells the restaurants how many people to expect and they prepare the same food for everyone. We wanted to order the foodContinue reading “What We Ate at Batanes Resort”

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Our second day in Thailand was devoted to a day of touring. , The first stop on our itinerary was Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which was 2 hours away. Instead of joining a tour group, our friend Kathy introduced us to Alisa from Bangkok who leased us her super duper comfy van with driver forContinue reading “Damnoen Saduak Floating Market”

Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Bangkok

Last March as soon as classes ended and Rochelle was done with her motherly duties we quickly hopped on a plane and took our first summer vacation in Bangkok. The last time I was in Bangkok the new Suvarnabhumi Airport wasn’t open yet. I don’t remember the immigration line being this long. There were two immigrationContinue reading “Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Bangkok”

Philippine Airlines Food Mnl-Hkg-Mnl Oct. 2010

This was the food on our flight on Philippine Airlines to and from Hong Kong last October 2010. As usual PAL doesn’t fail to deliver one of the best airplane meals in my experience. My no/low carb diet ended the minute I entered PAL’s lounge and headed straight for the arroz caldo. The downfall continuedContinue reading “Philippine Airlines Food Mnl-Hkg-Mnl Oct. 2010”