Cathay Pacific Flight – Manila to San Francisco

As you’ve read from my previous post I’m currently in the USA for a vacation. I didn’t really plan to go to the US again after only a year but since I got a free ticket from HSBC I thought it would be fun to experience the Thanksgiving holiday for the first time with myContinue reading “Cathay Pacific Flight – Manila to San Francisco”

Philippine Airlines Meals Mnl-Hkg-Mnl August 2011

I’m saddened with the chaos that’s going on now with Philippine Airlines. I’m quite loyal with PAL since I’ve never had any bad experiences with the airline. Sure there are some delays but which airline doesn’t have it.And yes I’ve experienced a long haul flight without any lights or video service and that’s on businessContinue reading “Philippine Airlines Meals Mnl-Hkg-Mnl August 2011”

Philippine Airlines Lounge in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong Philippine Airlines shares the CNAC VIP Lounge with several airlines. I took an economy flight to Hong Kong last August and I was surprised to get an invitation to use the lounge in Hong Kong thanks to my new Mabuhay Miles Elite card which I got for free from Allied Bank’s World MasterCard. IContinue reading “Philippine Airlines Lounge in Hong Kong”

The Venetian Macao – Verona Suite

Last April during our Holy Week hiatus to Hong Kong, we made an overnight trip to Macao and stayed in our favorite hotel, The Venetian Macao. This time we to the Cotai Jet which went directly to the Cotai Strip where The Venetian was located. This saved us a 30 minute bus ride had weContinue reading “The Venetian Macao – Verona Suite”

Philippine Airlines Dinner Mnl-Hkg-Mnl April 2011

Last April I went to Hong Kong to spend Holy Week there. It was also my first encounter with airplane food while on the Cohen diet. The timing of this post couldn’t be more perfect because today I’m on my way back to Hong Kong. And this time it’s breakfast that will challenge my diet.Continue reading “Philippine Airlines Dinner Mnl-Hkg-Mnl April 2011”

Batanes Day 3 Part 3 – Marlboro Country, Imnajbu, Dinner at Pension Ivatan

My favorite place in Batanes was Racuh a Payaman, more commonly known as Marlboro Country. As soon as we walked on top of the wide and flat hill top I wanted to run around with my arms spread out and sing, “The hills are alive…..” Marlboro Country Of course nobody wanted to hear me singContinue reading “Batanes Day 3 Part 3 – Marlboro Country, Imnajbu, Dinner at Pension Ivatan”

Batanes Day 3 Part 2 – Lunch at Fundacion Pacita

If you are going to Batanes and money is no object then the only place to stay is at Fundacion Pacita. We walked around the area before going to the actual nature lodge. The landscaping was top notch. Even the office was picture perfect and so quaint. These are the statues of the parents ofContinue reading “Batanes Day 3 Part 2 – Lunch at Fundacion Pacita”