Lunch at PassionFish

Of all the restaurants in Reston Town Center that I’ve tried my favorite is PassionFish. From their website: The cuisine of PassionFish represents the bounty of the world’s oceans, lakes, seas, and waterways reflecting the flavors and natural resources of the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The dishes feature a vast array of seasonalContinue reading “Lunch at PassionFish”

Dinner at Clyde’s of Reston

My recent trip to the USA had me rethinking about American Food. It’s definitely not the stereotype I had in my mind. My meal at Clyde’s was definitely good American food. Clyde’s of Reston is just one of the 13 restaurants under Clyde’s Restaurant Group. This was located in my favorite Reston Town Center. TheirContinue reading “Dinner at Clyde’s of Reston”