Dinner at Ants One, K11 Mall

If you’ve been reading this blog daily don’t be confused. I just finished posts on Taipei and this post is the beginning of entries on my trip to Hong Kong last April. Every time we go to Hong Kong we eat the same places which are our family’s favorites like Wu Kong and Chuk Yuen.Continue reading “Dinner at Ants One, K11 Mall”

Food Products From Taiwan

As you’ve seen from my previous posts Taiwan is such a foodie country. From the night markets to the supermarkets the types of foodstuff to buy are mind boggling. Imagine if the labels were in English I would have been tempted to buy stuff. Here are some of the stuff I bought that I highly recommendContinue reading “Food Products From Taiwan”

New Year’s Eve Dinner 2011

Happy New Year to everyone!! I want to interrupt my posts about my recent trip to the United States with this post on how my family celebrated New Year’s Eve. Every year my cousins from my father’s side come to our house for dinner. Last year I had it catered and this year we wereContinue reading “New Year’s Eve Dinner 2011”

It’s my blog’s 2nd year anniversary!

It’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun. What started out as a vehicle to show friends and relatives across the world some food pictures I took in Hong Kong has grown into a full pledged food blog. I never thought it would last for two years! In 2010 I featured restaurantContinue reading “It’s my blog’s 2nd year anniversary!”

Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle 阿升麵線

When I went to Crumbs in Mongkok I noticed a stall right next to it that sold all sorts of Taiwanese food. It reminded me of my recent trip to Taipei so I checked it out. They sold popular Taiwanese snacks like fried chicken cutlets, minced pork on rice and cuttlefish balls. Their most popularContinue reading “Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle 阿升麵線”

Lunch at Lugang Cafe

Lugang cafe is a new Chinese restaurant located in Greenhills and specializes in dishes from Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai. The restaurant opens to the public today. I was fortunate to have been invited to the soft opening yesterday noon. You see one of the owners is my dad’s god daughter and her dad is oneContinue reading “Lunch at Lugang Cafe”

My last meals in Taipei

My last meals in Taipei were in the fast food sections of malls. I didn’t mind since the offerings in Taipei’s malls are awesome and so different from any mall in the world. I don’t even remember what mall we went to but here are some pictures of the things that caught my eye andContinue reading “My last meals in Taipei”