Hot Pot at Bird’s Nest Restaurant

This is the third and last restaurant I tried on Minden Avenue in Tsim Sha Tsui last December. Having hot pot on a cool night was just what we needed. They just opened and the two men were happy to usher us in. The whole menu was in Chinese. I always enjoy concocting my own sauce. IContinue reading “Hot Pot at Bird’s Nest Restaurant”

Lunch at Cloudland Chinese Cuisine

I used to stay very near Minden Avenue several years ago. I never went there because there was nothing there except for a laundry shop and some bars. It wasn’t until I went to Butao Ramen that I discovered the whole street was lined with several restaurants. Minden Avenue is parallel to Mody Road. K11Continue reading “Lunch at Cloudland Chinese Cuisine”

More Chuk Yuen Love

We always eat at Chuk Yuen on our first or second day in Hong Kong. It’s my comfort food in Hong Kong and I really needed it after my unsatisfactory meals at Carpaccio and Ginza Bairin the previous day. When you have lunch at Chuk Yuen they USUALLY offer you FREE hot sugarcane or orangeContinue reading “More Chuk Yuen Love”

Green King at Butao Ramen 豚王

Yesterday I went back to Butao Ramen since my mom and my friend Elizabeth wanted to try the Black King since I was raving about it. It was also my chance to try the Green King. That’s my mom sitting on the stool first in line at 11:30 am. They were a little late openingContinue reading “Green King at Butao Ramen 豚王”

Lunch at Butao Ramen 豚王

I’ve written that I’m not a big fan of ramen. I did try Ukokkei, Ippudo and Mitsuyado Sei-Men and enjoyed my meals there but still wasn’t convinced. I think I’ve found the ramen that has made me a convert. I’ve read about Butao Ramen from numerous blogs and online magazines and I’ve always wanted to tryContinue reading “Lunch at Butao Ramen 豚王”

Lunch at Nanhai No. 1

I’ve featured several restaurants in iSquare since we often eat there if we’re too lazy to walk. It’s just a few minutes walk from our place in Tsim Sha Tsui. I never knew there was a Michelin One Star Chinese restaurant, Nanhai No. 1, in the building until I read the reviews on OpenRice. The moreContinue reading “Lunch at Nanhai No. 1”

Lunch at Ippudo Hong Kong

I’m not a ramen fanatic so I didn’t even know about Ippudo until my friend Deb informed me that I MUST try it since it was famous in Japan and even had branches in New York, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei . Ippudo (一風堂) was located in Silvercord in TST which was a short was aContinue reading “Lunch at Ippudo Hong Kong”

Fabulous Lunch at Wu Kong

Wu Kong is one of our favorite restaurants in Hong Kong. We eat there at least once per trip sometimes more. I can guarantee that whatever you order it will be good. No hit or miss in this restaurant.You can order this refreshing drink made with fresh pear and longan either hot or cold.pear &Continue reading “Fabulous Lunch at Wu Kong”

Dinner at Macau Restaurant

Here’s another restaurant to add to your list of “cheap eats” in Hong Kong. Although they also have expensive items in their menu you can get a really good meal for not too much money. I’ve eaten in Macau Restaurant once several years ago but I wasn’t impressed despite the long lines that always formContinue reading “Dinner at Macau Restaurant”

Dim Sum at Serenade Chinese Restaurant

A friend told me about Serenade Chinese Restaurant located at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre. Imagine I live a stone’s throw away and I never knew about it. Sure I’ve watched Mama Mia and Phantom of the Opera at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre but I didn’t know they had restaurants too. Just follow theContinue reading “Dim Sum at Serenade Chinese Restaurant”