Honeymoon Dessert

snow white sago
After dinner at Te we went next door to have dessert at Honeymoon Dessert.

Honeymoon Dessert

Honeymoon Dessert-1

Honeymoon Dessert-2

I never had such a hard time choosing dessert. In a western restaurant my choice would almost always contain the word chocolate. In Honeymoon Dessert you won’t find the word chocolate anywhere. What you will see are the words sweet balls, toddy palm, sago, grass jelly, snow fungus or swallows nest. Dessert choices are hot, cold, tofu, fruit, Chinese,Thai, and mix all that for even more choices. Look at some of the pictures from their menu.

Honeymoon Dessert-3
desserts with ice cream & snacks

Honeymoon Dessert-4

Honeymoon Dessert-6
Thai black glutinous rice desserts

Honeymoon Dessert-7
hot Chinese desserts

Honeymoon Dessert-8
sweet balls desserts

I decided I wanted a cold dessert but do I want a coconut base, with tofu or fruit or both? Some choices sound strange, some pictures look scary. The simplest way to order is to look at the pictures, pick one that interests you and look for the corresponding number in the menu and read the description. Based on the picture below I chose number 28 which turned out to have such as innocent name “Snow White Sago” despite it’s scary picture. I chose it because it had all kinds of unknown ingredients in it. It was a risk I had to take.
Honeymoon Dessert-5
cold sago and black grass jelly desserts

Oh my gosh! I took one spoonful and decided I’d gone to Chinese dessert heaven. The base was a sweet coconut milk mixture filled with cubes of fresh mangoes, sweet potato, toddy palm (the white things on the right side made from coconut, also known as ‘kaong’ in Filipino), bananas and the sago which had black dots in the middle. It doesn’t look appetizing but believe me it was so, so, good. Somehow the combination of all these ingredients made for a refreshing dessert with different contrasting flavors and textures. Trust me on this. When you go to Honeymoon Dessert remember to order #28!!
snow white sago
snow white sago HK$26  #28

My mom ordered a hot sweet soup made from ground black sesame with 3 sticky glutinous rice balls filled with a peanut mixture not unlike peanut butter. The soup was thick with just the right amount of sweetness. It was good too but I preferred my snow white sago more. This is #57.
sweet ball & sesame soup
sweet ball & sesame soup HK$24  #57

There are so many other desserts I want to try at Honeymoon Dessert and I’ll eventually get to order them until I get tired of the snow white sago. You don’t have to be Asian to enjoy these desserts. Be adventurous and try them and who knows you’ll end up having your own favorite dessert.

honeymoon dessert menu
full menu in one page (click to enlarge)

with ice cream, snacks, durian, tofu pudding, sago, grass jelly
iced drinks, fruit, Thai, hot soup, Chinese soup mixed, sweet ball
snow fungus & swallow nest

Honeymoon Dessert
Shop 604, iSquare
63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
telephone: +852 2520-5071

6 thoughts on “Honeymoon Dessert

  1. Hi Les.  I tried this last year.  I think we had the number 57 and something else.  It was good.  I loved it.  But I noticed that chair was just right for my hips.  Oh my!!!  If i gained any more weight then definitely, no more Honeymoon Dessert for me.  Hahaha.


  2. HI Les,This place is my fave.  Love the Thai black glutinous rice w/ mango in vanilla sauce and tofu pudding & almond tea !!!  My dad loved all their durian desserts too… 😉 Cinds


  3. Hay naku Les,    I told you already before that this place is to die for. My sister-in-law never fails to go there everytime they come to hkg. I can’t believe it’s your first time to go after I told you years ago na this place is super sarap for dessert!


  4. I tried it na pala at Citysuper fastfood branch. I just didn’t know it was Honeymoon Dessert. Now lang they have a branch that’s so near us. Good thing!


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