Panfried Tofu With Spicy Sauce

Here’s a simple Korean recipe for tofu. Whenever I need a recipe for Korean food the first place I look is Maangchi’s site. A friend told me about Maangchi. She’s very, very popular on Youtube and she even has her own podcast on iTunes and I’ve subscribed to it and have downloaded several videos. ThisContinue reading “Panfried Tofu With Spicy Sauce”

Cohen Lifestyle Seafood & Vegetarian Meals

My cousins and friends will surely gasp on the title alone. They know I seldom order seafood or veggies when we eat out. My favorite food to order pre-diet was pasta. I was your typical carb lover. The good thing about the Cohen Lifestyle diet was it forced me to eat seafood and veggies andContinue reading “Cohen Lifestyle Seafood & Vegetarian Meals”

Super, Duper Healthy Lunch at Whole Foods Market

The alternate title of this entry is “How I ate like a vegan for one meal.” Except for some chicken that came with a pasta salad everything on this plate was vegan. To those who know me eating vegan would the last thing on earth I would do. But after the excessive and sinful eatingContinue reading “Super, Duper Healthy Lunch at Whole Foods Market”