Breakfast at 21 On Rajah, Days Hotel Singapore

 My stay at Days Hotel in Singapore included a daily breakfast buffet at their restaurant called 21 on Rajah located just off the lobby. The restaurant was big enough that it never felt full even with a large number of hotel guests dining there daily.   I liked this life sized sculpture that greeted me everyContinue reading “Breakfast at 21 On Rajah, Days Hotel Singapore”

Hotel Review: Days Hotel Singapore

 The Philippine media group for the World Street Food Congress 2013 was billeted in Days Hotel in Zhongshan Park. The hotel was a 3 star hotel but very new having opened only last December 2012. The location wasn’t very convenient but for the price and amenities I recommend this hotel for those looking for aContinue reading “Hotel Review: Days Hotel Singapore”

World Street Food Jamboree 2013

  Last June the Singapore Tourism Board sent me and two other Filipino journalists to attend the World Street Food Congress 2013 in Singapore. It was two days of intense and informative discussions from renowned international speakers like TV host Anthony Bourdain and James Oseland, editor-in-chief Saveur magazine among others. The event was organized by KFContinue reading “World Street Food Jamboree 2013”

The World Street Food Congress 2013

Denmark’s Porc Sandwich photo from: World Street Food Congress The good news is I’m off to Singapore to attend the World Street Food Congress through the invitation of the Singapore Tourism Board. I won’t be able to update my blog for a while but do follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see all the delicious street food I will beContinue reading “The World Street Food Congress 2013”

Where to eat?

Where to eat? That’s the question my friends always ask me. Here are the links to the restaurants I’ve eaten at compiled by location and type. PHILIPPINES Where to eat in San Juan/Greenhills?Amici (various locations)Angel’s Kitchen Annapolis Seafood Palace Arya Persian Restaurant BangusBeijing Hand-Pulled Noodle House Bizu Patisserie C2 Classic Cuisine 2Cafe Ysabel CapricciosaCara MiaChoiContinue reading “Where to eat?”

Singapore Day 14 – Killiney Kopitiam, Bengawan Solo, SQ food Singapore to Manila

This was my last breakfast at Traders hotel. I had congee topped with pork floss, salted eggs, Chinese doughnut (you tiao), and fried shallots. The congee was totally devoid of salt or taste that’s why I loaded it with all those yummy toppings. We spent the morning running around Orchard Rd. like headless chickens doingContinue reading “Singapore Day 14 – Killiney Kopitiam, Bengawan Solo, SQ food Singapore to Manila”

Singapore Day 13 – Lunch at Thye Hong

It’s our last full day in Singapore. The food in the breakfast buffet changes daily. This is what my plate looked like today. The braised mushrooms and waffle were good. This was my favorite from the buffet and I had it everyday. Their bircher muesli was very, very good because they ground the oats finelyContinue reading “Singapore Day 13 – Lunch at Thye Hong”

Singapore Day 12 – Dinner at Siam Kitchen

Chris took these pictures using Nono’s Canon G9. Since we were shopping the whole day I didn’t want to lug around my camera. A basket of prawn crackers was placed on the table to quell our hunger. In Manila we call it kropek. It’s also known as krupuk, kerupuk, or kroepoek in Indonesia; Keropok inContinue reading “Singapore Day 12 – Dinner at Siam Kitchen”

Singapore Day 12 – Lunch at DinTaiFung

We had the lunch at the very popular chain from Taiwan, DinTaiFung. It was 2:00 pm and the place was still packed. We had to wait 15 minutes for a table. DinTaiFung is known for their steamed pork dumplings or xiao long bao or soupy dumplings. They have branches all over Asia, Australia and LosContinue reading “Singapore Day 12 – Lunch at DinTaiFung”

Singapore Day 12 – Breakfast Buffet at Cafebiz+ Traders Hotel

photo from traders website The breakfast buffet at Cafebiz costs S$34.70. Good thing breakfast came with the room. I’m not a heavy breakfast eater but with the abundant choices offered it was hard to resist. They had choices for every nationality and . photo from traders website fresh and canned fruit assorted cold cuts JapaneseContinue reading “Singapore Day 12 – Breakfast Buffet at Cafebiz+ Traders Hotel”