Dinner at Tsumura

My friend Deb can’t believe I haven’t eaten at Tsumura. I can’t believe it either. I didn’t know we were eating out that night and I didn’t bring my camera so pardon these pictures taken with my iPhone. Tsumura is located on the 2nd floor of an office building in Makati so it’s not reallyContinue reading “Dinner at Tsumura”

Dinner at Edo Japanese Restaurant

We were going to watch House of Dancing Water at the City of Dreams so we went there earlier to have dinner at Edo Japanese Restaurant. There’s a free shuttle from The Venetian to the City of Dreams. There’s a free shuttle to virtually every hotel in Macao. This was my first time to tryContinue reading “Dinner at Edo Japanese Restaurant”

Makimono Obsession at Omakase

Other than my single trip to Haru all my sushi obsession for two weeks was supplied by Omakase in Greenhills. I would take out a few orders of sushi rolls and eat it for lunch and dinner. I have yet to appreciate the joy of eating sashimi or raw fish and I’m taking baby stepsContinue reading “Makimono Obsession at Omakase”

Lunch at Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Lately I’ve been craving sushi a lot. I just want to eat it everyday. Since I pass by Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig at least once a week I went there to sate my sushi hunger. I arrived there just before 2:00 pm and was in luck that they were still open.Continue reading “Lunch at Haru Sushi Bar & Restaurant”

Lunch at Kichitora

Yes another ramen restaurant has joined the ramen craze in Manila. Even though I’ve often said I’m not a big ramen fan I decided to try Kichitora at SM Megamall just for my dear readers. Kichitora is located at the 2nd level of the atrium right across Yabu. This is the first branch of KichitoraContinue reading “Lunch at Kichitora”

Dinner at Ginza Bairin

Jin loves to eat and I arrived in Hong Kong on the same day last December. I arrived in the afternoon while she arrived at night. She wanted me to wait for her to have dinner together. At 9:00 pm!!! After my last meal at Carpaccio hours before I was hungry. I suggested Ginza Bairin sinceContinue reading “Dinner at Ginza Bairin”

Green King at Butao Ramen 豚王

Yesterday I went back to Butao Ramen since my mom and my friend Elizabeth wanted to try the Black King since I was raving about it. It was also my chance to try the Green King. That’s my mom sitting on the stool first in line at 11:30 am. They were a little late openingContinue reading “Green King at Butao Ramen 豚王”

Lunch at Butao Ramen 豚王

I’ve written that I’m not a big fan of ramen. I did try Ukokkei, Ippudo and Mitsuyado Sei-Men and enjoyed my meals there but still wasn’t convinced. I think I’ve found the ramen that has made me a convert. I’ve read about Butao Ramen from numerous blogs and online magazines and I’ve always wanted to tryContinue reading “Lunch at Butao Ramen 豚王”

Yamato Bakery Cafe

Right next to Mitsuyado Sei-Men is a bread lovers haven called Yamato Bakery Cafe owned by the same group. I noticed diners waiting for a table at Mitsuyado were there shopping for bread. That’s a great way to pass time. This bakery has it’s roots from Japan unlike Bread Talk which came from Singapore. BothContinue reading “Yamato Bakery Cafe”

Sunday Lunch at Mitsuyado Sei-Men

I have a long queue of posts which I usually do in chronological order but I’m excited to write about our lunch yesterday at the current ‘hot’ ramen restaurant, Mitsuyado Sei-Men. For a non-ramen lover I’ve been eating quite a few ramen lately. Mitsuyado Sei-Men is located in Jupiter street right next to Cova and beforeContinue reading “Sunday Lunch at Mitsuyado Sei-Men”