Dinner at Brasserie CiÇou

The first and last time I ate at Restaurant CiÇou in Makati was in 2010. I really liked the food despite lots of mixed reviews I’ve heard and read. I was sad when they closed since I wasn’t able to go back.When I heard they opened a new restaurant in Greenhills I was ecstatic. ImagineContinue reading “Dinner at Brasserie CiÇou”

New Products from Gourmet Finds

I borrowed this image of kouign amann from my idol David Lebovitz. Since last year I’ve been reading a lot about this French pastry and I wanted to try it when I was in the US but I didn’t find it in the bakeries I went to. Now I can try it right here inContinue reading “New Products from Gourmet Finds”

Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons

Happy birthday to me!! I’m a chocoholic and anything from these stores would make the perfect gift. But maybe next year since I’m on a diet and I haven’t eaten chocolates for six months, except for cheating with a few squares. Oh how I miss you, chocolates!!The residents of Hong Kong are very lucky thatContinue reading “Shopping in Hong Kong: French Chocolates and Macarons”

The Best Macarons in Manila

This picture looks nice and colorful but the macarons were awful. They were hard and dry. I had them in a restaurant in a 5 star hotel in Hong Kong. Yesterday I featured Bar Dolci’s macarons. As I said before I’m not a big fan of macarons but I’ve eaten my share of them inContinue reading “The Best Macarons in Manila”

Dessert at Bar Dolci

My 3 young cousins, the J brothers,  invited me to dinner at Azuthai and I treated them to dessert at Bar Dolci.They bought a coupon from Deal Grocer worth P2,000 for a complete Thai dinner for 4 at Azuthai. I didn’t take pictures anymore since the food was pretty much the same as what IContinue reading “Dessert at Bar Dolci”