Cathay Pacific Flight – Manila to San Francisco

As you’ve read from my previous post I’m currently in the USA for a vacation. I didn’t really plan to go to the US again after only a year but since I got a free ticket from HSBC I thought it would be fun to experience the Thanksgiving holiday for the first time with myContinue reading “Cathay Pacific Flight – Manila to San Francisco”

Where in the world is Leslie?

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I’m on a vacation and we’re preparing for our Thanksgiving party tonight. I’ve posted same clues to where I am and where I’ve been. Some are obvious and will be easy to guess. I’ve gone coffee crazy this trip! I’m so happy I caught the tail end of fall weather. The colorsContinue reading “Where in the world is Leslie?”

Sencha Tea from Chatime

The first time I tried Chatime was when they opened their first branch at Pioneer Center where I usually do my groceries. I ordered the Chatime Roasted milk tea since it was the first item on their menu and their bestseller.You may have read my entry for my favorite milk tea and know that I likeContinue reading “Sencha Tea from Chatime”

Starbucks 2012 Planner and New Holiday Treats

Starbucks sent me my very own Starbucks 2012 bamboo planner yesterday. Thanks Starbucks!! It’s my very first Starbucks planner ever.They sent it to my store and I was so excited to take pictures I just used my new iPhone 4s and got these nice and super clear shots. I just love the camera of the iPhoneContinue reading “Starbucks 2012 Planner and New Holiday Treats”