Super, Duper Healthy Lunch at Whole Foods Market

The alternate title of this entry is “How I ate like a vegan for one meal.” Except for some chicken that came with a pasta salad everything on this plate was vegan. To those who know me eating vegan would the last thing on earth I would do. But after the excessive and sinful eatingContinue reading “Super, Duper Healthy Lunch at Whole Foods Market”

Australian products at Landmark supermarket

Kez’s Indulgence cookies I’ve featured Dinelli deli, a place where you can get Australian food products but they were quite costly. I was delighted to see a whole aisle in the newly renovated Landmark supermarket in Makati. These are just some of the products they had. Note: I took these pictures more than 2 monthsContinue reading “Australian products at Landmark supermarket”

Pasta with Mushroom Aglio e Olio

I finally found fresh button mushrooms that weren’t that expensive (fresh button mushroom are very expensive in Manila when you can find them). The problem was I wasn’t ready to cook pasta yet and the mushrooms were turning brown. So I sliced the mushrooms and sauteed them in some olive oil and kept it inContinue reading “Pasta with Mushroom Aglio e Olio”

What’s Hot at SOS – Boy Bawang Cornick

This is the latest addition to the snacks I sell in my store, Small Office Solutions. Cornick is simply fried corn kernels. In the USA it’s known as CornNuts. Boy Bawang (garlic boy) is one of the most popular brands of cornick in Manila. They specialize in garlic flavors but now they have more flavorsContinue reading “What’s Hot at SOS – Boy Bawang Cornick”

Breakfast Spotlight – Yogurt with Cereal, Cranberries and Honey

This is what I’ve been eating for breakfast for the past 2 weeks. Elizabeth and Rochelle told me to buy plain, unsweetened yogurt instead of the fruity yogurt I always buy because it’s healthier. So when I saw this low fat creamy yogurt from the Rizal Dairy Farms stall in Market! Market! I bought aContinue reading “Breakfast Spotlight – Yogurt with Cereal, Cranberries and Honey”

Uncle George Gourmet Bread

After Lartizan,where I buy my favorite sourdough rye bread, Uncle George Gourmet Bread is my next favorite bread source. I don’t buy it often because it’s not readily available in the supermarkets I frequent. I have to go to Greenhills Shopping Center tiangge’s (bargain center) food section to buy it. They also have a permanentContinue reading “Uncle George Gourmet Bread”

Oishi Sponge, Plunge and Pillows

These products from Oishi aren’t exactly new but they just came out in party size packs with resealable zip lock. I immediately bought all variants since I only sell big sized snacks in my store,¬†Small Office Solutions. The day I started selling these products they literally flew off my shelves. The bestseller is Oishi SpongeContinue reading “Oishi Sponge, Plunge and Pillows”

Food Finds at Metro Gaisano Supermarket

Metro Gaisano supermarket is located at Market! Market! at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It has the widest selection of imported products from the USA, Canada and Australia among all the supermarkets in Manila. If there’s something you need no matter how sure you are that you won’t find it try going to Metro supermarket. YouContinue reading “Food Finds at Metro Gaisano Supermarket”