Lunch at Yakiniku Senri

We celebrated Andrew’s birthday at Yakiniku Senri, a Japanese/Korean restaurant specializing in grilled meats. I’ve featured several yakiniku restaurants in Manila and Hong Kong and Yakiniku Senri is my favorite. It had the best tasting beef and all the other dishes were excellent too. The prices were also reasonable specially when compared to the ones in Hong Kong.
Yakiniku Senri

Each table had it’s own grill. The exhaust in the restaurant was quite effective. We didn’t smell like grilled food when we left.
Yakiniku Senri-4

Yakiniku Senri-3

We sat inside a small room with Horigotatsu style seating. That meant we had to remove our shoes and sit on the floor and tuck our legs under the fixed table.
Yakiniku Senri-1

Yakiniku Senri-2


We just ordered 2 kinds of beef and no other meat. I prefered the US karubi cut with had some fat marbling. The fat disappears when you grill it and it leaves the beef very tender and flavorful.
US karubi cut
US karubi cut P350

The rosu cut was a very lean cut of beef. It cooked firmer than the karubi cut.
US rosu cut
US rosu cut P350

It only took a few seconds to cook the thin slices of marinated beef. It took even faster to eat it all.
Yakiniku Senri-13

The yakiniku sets were available only during lunch and were a great deal. Each set came with a bowl of rice, kimchi, salad, beef slices and a choice of iced coffee or nata de coco. The complete set costs the same as a plate of beef and had the same number of slices. We found out about this after ordering the a la carte beef. We did order more sets when we ran out of beef.
beef rosu cut set
US beef rosu cut set P350

US Beef Karubi cut set
US Beef Karubi cut set P350

Their iced coffee tasted way better than Starbucks ice coffee.
iced coffee
iced coffee

kanikama salad
kanikama salad P165

This was one of the best preparation of clams I’ve ever eaten. I could have finished the whole plate by myself.
asari butter
asari butter P180

I’m obsessed with finding the best bibimbap or Korean mixed rice cooked on stone. I ordered bibimbap in all the Korean restaurants I’ve eaten at. And I can say this is the best! I can’t pinpoint exactly what made this different than the others but this was just the yummiest for me. Give it a try and tell me what you think.
ishiyaki bibinpa
ishiyaki bibinpa P300

Chijimi is similar to Korean pajon. This was quite good in it’s simplicity.
Welsh onion chijimi
Welsh onion chijimi P200

ebi tempura
ebi tempura P230

uni gunkanmaki
uni gunkanmaki P55

shoyu ramen
syouyu ramen P220

Andrew’s mom brought chocolate cake from Classic Confections.
Yakiniku Senri-19

Yakiniku Senri-21

I really liked the cake. It was deep, dark, rich chocolate, fudgy cake that wasn’t too sweet. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal.
Yakiniku Senri-20

Yakiniku Senri-22

Yakiniku Senri
1030 Arnaiz Ave. (Pasay Road)
Makati, Metro Manila
telephone: 844-9618, 899-9733

Monday to Saturday – lunch and dinner service
Sundays open from 4:00 pm only

6 thoughts on “Lunch at Yakiniku Senri

  1. hi leslie! how’d you find their uni sushi?Horigotatsu style seating – i didnt know of this term until I read your entry 🙂 all the while i just call it “take-off-shoes” area hahahafran


  2. Obviously we ordered a LOT!!! The 12 yr. old girl we were with ate about 2 or more orders of beef. Me too 😀


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