Rome: Gelateria Lo Scimmiotto

I wasn’t planning to eat gelato at 10:30 in the morning. I just went in to waste time while waiting for Tazza D’Oro to open and this gelato shop was just across it. Look how near Gelateria Lo Scimmiotto was to the Pantheon. Of all the gelato we’ve eaten in Italy this was the most commercialContinue reading “Rome: Gelateria Lo Scimmiotto”

Rome: Fior di Luna Gelato

No meal in Rome is complete without gelato for dessert. This was the only gelato store we saw in Travestere. I was initially hesitant since this was the first gelato we were going to eat that wasn’t held inside stainless covered cylinders. The sign for their ingredients gave me hope for good gelato. This wasContinue reading “Rome: Fior di Luna Gelato”