Chinatown Coffee

When I was in San Francisco there were specialty coffee shops and roasters everywhere. I didn’t even have time to try more than 4 shops. I didn’t think I’d find any independent coffee shop in DC but thanks to Yelp I found Chinatown Coffee.Look who I found? My silly cousin Sharon works around the cornerContinue reading “Chinatown Coffee”

Sightglass Coffee Roasters

I loved the Sightglass Coffee I had at Hooker’s Sweet Treats so much that I went to their store in the afternoon. It was a little less than a mile away from my hotel so I walked. I walk for coffee. There’s no distance to far or near for my beloved coffee. After consulting theContinue reading “Sightglass Coffee Roasters”

Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong: K11 Mall

Another nice place to shop and eat in Tsim Sha Tsui is a relatively new mall called K11. It’s not a big mall but there are some interesting shops and restaurants there.One of my favorite Chinese restaurants that also serve awesome dim sum is Pak Loh Chiu Chow has a branch in K11. You canContinue reading “Shopping and Eating in Hong Kong: K11 Mall”