Dinner at Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong

Whenever I go to Hong Kong I eat at Cafe de Coral at least once. The food is cheap, good and there is always new specials.Since I was on a diet when I went to Hong Kong last August I didn’t think I would find anything to eat there. Thankfully they had a new promotionContinue reading “Dinner at Cafe de Coral, Hong Kong”

Army Navy Burger + Burrito

Last October Army Navy Burger + Burrito opened right across the building where my store was. I was so excited to try it. Since my favorite fast food burger, Hotshots closed their branch in the same street I didn’t have any place nearby to get my burger fix. Army Navy and Yellow Cab pizza areContinue reading “Army Navy Burger + Burrito”

Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle 阿升麵線

When I went to Crumbs in Mongkok I noticed a stall right next to it that sold all sorts of Taiwanese food. It reminded me of my recent trip to Taipei so I checked it out. They sold popular Taiwanese snacks like fried chicken cutlets, minced pork on rice and cuttlefish balls. Their most popularContinue reading “Ay-Sheng Flour-Rice Noodle 阿升麵線”

Lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill

I found a new love. A fast food love. I discovered Chipotle and fell head over heels in love with their tacos. In fact I ate at Chipotle twice and in 2 different states. Chipotle Mexican Grill is chain of restaurants that sell gourmet burritos and tacos. Just that. They are known for having aContinue reading “Lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill”

Dinner at Jody Maroni’s Sausage Sandwiches

It was my last day in San Francisco. It was a short trip that lasted 3 nights and 3 days. In a span of 3 short days I was able to try a wide variety of food thanks to Ariel and Jeanne who planned all of my meals to the last detail.  Despite the brevityContinue reading “Dinner at Jody Maroni’s Sausage Sandwiches”

My last meals in Taipei

My last meals in Taipei were in the fast food sections of malls. I didn’t mind since the offerings in Taipei’s malls are awesome and so different from any mall in the world. I don’t even remember what mall we went to but here are some pictures of the things that caught my eye andContinue reading “My last meals in Taipei”

Dinner at Tapei 101’s food court

I can’t believe we stayed an entire day in Taipei 101’s mall considering I didn’t do any shopping in the super high end stores. We decided to eat an early dinner at the food court before going back to the hotel. This outlet specialized in oyster pancakes and they had several combination sets that includedContinue reading “Dinner at Tapei 101’s food court”

Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101

With all those options in Taipei 101’s fast food we unanimously chose to eat lunch at Shanhai Dumpling. It was one of the few small restaurants with their own seating at the huge food court.  We were curious to know if the soupy Shanghai dumplings or xiao long bao were good. The dumplings were justContinue reading “Shanghai Dumpling at Taipei 101”